Airport is one of the long-distance transportation which is one of the most effective and efficient options for boarding. By using an airplane, the distance that should take hours and even days can be reached in just a few hours. No wonder so many people choose to use this transportation. In addition, the airport as a place for airplanes also has comfortable public facilities and many fun things to do at the airport.

However, with the many advantages that can be provided from the plane and the airport, sometimes there are some disadvantages of this transportation, one of which is delay. Yes, that’s right, delay is one of the things that cannot be separated from this transportation. Aircraft delays themselves occur due to several things, ranging from natural factors such as storms and thunderstorms, to possible damage to the aircraft that takes time to repair. In addition, one of the weaknesses of the aircraft is that in some flight routes it requires transit or a short stop at other airports. Meanwhile, the time needed for transit or delay usually also takes a long time. Well, for those of you who want to travel by plane, don’t worry if you need to transit or have to be delayed, because gotravelly will give you a list of fun things to do at the airport. Here are fun things to do at the airport when the plane is delayed or in transit;

Enjoy free wifi facilities at the airport

Well, for those of you who like movies and playing games, maybe this is the first choice you will do if your plane is delayed or you are waiting for transit for a while. Watching movies and playing games is one of the fun things you can do at the airport. Equipped with free wifi that you can directly access without a password, you can sit and watch your favorite Korean movie or drama to wait for transit times and delays. This activity will be fun to do if your delay or transit time is not long.

Well, for those of you who are productive at work, you also don’t need to worry. With the free wifi facility at the airport you can use it to do the work you need to complete while waiting for your plane. So even if there is a delay or transit, you don’t waste time, and you can still be productive.

Doing an Airport Tour or Traveling to See the Airport

For those of you who get bored quickly and can’t stay still, maybe this one activity can be suitable for you. Doing an airport tour or going around enjoying the contents of the airport is also a pretty fun activity. Besides being able to stretch your muscles and spend time, you can also find out what public facilities you might enjoy while at the airport. Doing an airport tour is one of the fun things to do at the air port.

Currently, airports in various regions and countries have very beautiful architecture to enjoy, no wonder this activity can be your choice to spend your flight delay and transit time. In addition, some airports or airports, especially international airports, are usually equipped with various shops or outlets of several well-known brands that you can visit. Well, while walking around looking at the architecture of the airport, you can also window shopping, just to see the goods in the outlets around the airport. This activity is quite exciting and can be your choice to do fun things that you can do at the airport.

Hangout and Culinary

The third activity that is suitable to be included in the list of fun things you can do at the airport is to enjoy culinary delights and hang out around cafes or places to eat at the airport. Yep, for food lovers you are really obliged to do this activity. Airports currently have a wide selection of food outlets that you can try. Well, for those of you who forgot to bring souvenirs from your local tourist attractions, shopping for souvenirs typical of the area during delay or transit could be your chance to find souvenirs.

In addition to culinary delights and looking for souvenirs for you millennials who are traveling or taking a plane with friends or family, maybe hanging out can be your main choice while waiting for delay or transit time. At the airport there are several coffee shop outlets that are well known and can be your choice to enjoy coffee and hang out with your friends. So while waiting you can still do fun things that can be done at the airport.