Argentine Food

A trip to Argentina will not be complete if you only enjoy the natural scenery that is so amazing with its very interesting culture. Make sure you try to enjoy a variety of typical Argentinian foods that will offer a variety of very tempting flavors and certainly a pity to pass up. With such a complete blend of ingredients, this Argentinian food has its own uniqueness.

List of must-try Argentinean dishes

If you are not at all familiar with typical Argentinian food, it would be very appropriate if you refer to some of the types of cuisine that will be described below. it is mentioned that the food prepared by the native Argentinian is a combination of Mediterranean, Italian and Spanish cultures that will produce a unique taste. Guaranteed, you will be addicted and definitely want to come back again to explore this country in South America.

Empanadas Argentine Food

Empanadas are one of the most popular street food snacks and are considered part of the typical Argentinian diet. This one dish has a pastel-like shape with the inside filled with vegetables and a mixture of delicious meat pieces. However, in general, the filling of Empanadas is sweet corn, chicken, cheese and ham. The filling is not always the case, some people will create it with other ingredients.

Choripan Argentine Food

Besides Emanadas, typical Argentinian food that belongs to this street food is Choripan. This one food has a shape like a hot dog which in this case is made from bread with a very crispy skin. The filling consists of grilled onions, sausage, lettuce and pickles. Some of these Choripans are stuffed with sliced pork. For those of you who are Muslim, be sure to ask the seller about this.


For typical Argentinian food, this one can be said to be inspired by the typical cuisine that is also often found in the Italian region. Minalesa itself is a dish in the form of steak and processed with breadcrumbs so that it will produce a crunchy texture, but very soft on the inside. For a variation of Minalesa, it is a la napolita which is Minalesa with the addition of fried eggs, tomato sauce and cheese.

Asado Argentine Food

Asado is also classified as a typical Argentinian food which is often served when people are gathering. As a complement, the asado is also often served with chicken, pork and beef. In some ordinary restaurants asado is also often offered with another menu whose name is parrilada. For these smaller grill sets use coal.