Tourist Attractions in Argentina The Enchantment of Pampering the Eyes

Argentina with its million charms is able to become a quite popular tourist destination after several other countries such as Paris, Thailand, or other European regions. Argentina’s tourist attractions are also diverse, so more tourists can choose according to their choice or vacation style. Well, what are the objects in Argentina that can amaze the eyes? Check out the following review!

Perito Moreno Glacier

There are popular glaciers around Patagonia Los Glaciares National Park which is the main destination of every tourist. A vacation to Argentina’s tourist attraction, seems incomplete without the Perito Moreno Glacier. Ice trekking is available that visitors can enjoy. In addition, there are also beautiful mountain views on the Chilean border.

Barrios City

The city of Barrios is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Argentina. Located in South America, Barrios City is the most special destination because it provides many mainstay tourist attractions. There are many museums, wide and historic streets, to Plaza De Mayo with the most unique treats and a world fashion trend.

Ushuaia Tourist Attractions in Argentina

In the southern part of Argentina there is the city of Ushuaia which is one of the most visited tourist cities every year. At first, the city was a prisoner colony built in the early twentieth century. Currently, the city of Ushuaia has become a popular city for tourists who want to travel to Antarctica or around Cape Horn.

Puerto Madryn

The next tourist attraction in Argentina is Puerto Madryn. The city of Puerto Madryn is not far from the shores of Golvo Nuevo, a protected area on the Patagonian Coast. Located on the coast, it turns out that this area is filled with tourists who want to see the most beautiful beach views in the Argentine region.

Various activities can be done in Puerto Madryn such as sunbathing, swimming, or watching the nature show when a row of Southern Right Whales give birth to their young. If you want to see this rare show in person, it’s best to come in summer or mid-July!

Teatro Colon Tourist Attractions in Argentina

Located in Buenos Aires, this place known as the art building turns out to attract many tourists when visiting Argentina. Many performances can be seen here, ranging from opera, Argentinean culture and the scenery around the beautiful building. There are also cinema facilities, theaters, and several unique local cultural attractions every week.