German Food is Really Delicious!

Each country does have a different culture, including its culinary variety. One country that has a culinary wealth is Germany. Although rarely heard, there are some typical German food that turns out to be very suitable for us. Like these foods:


This food is one of the famous typical preparations in Germany. A typical German sausage dish cooked by grilling. Usually bratwurst is served with kartoffelsalat. There are also those who enjoy it with bread topped with cheese or onions.


Similar to a vegetable salad, this meal contains potatoes, tomatoes, vinegar, mayonnaise, onions, milk, eggs, and beef. This German food is very well known throughout Europe. Yummy, really!

Falscher hase German Food 

Similar to steak dishes, falscher hase is a typical German dish made from minced meat mixed with eggs, flour, and onions. Then the meat is served by slicing it flat and seasoning it with sauce. Very suitable to be eaten with potatoes like steak in general.


This special food is in the form of thick gravy soup, made from beef or pork as the main ingredient. The meat is cut rather large and served with bread. In , it is almost the same as red soup.

Sauerkraut German Food 

This typical German dish is made from fermented slices of white cabbage. Imagine the taste, it must be a bit sour and fresh. This special dish is very suitable to be served in winter.


This food is perfect for dessert, it tastes sweet. This round, soft-textured cake is made from apples. That said, apfelstrudel has long been invented. So it’s not surprising that all German people know this sweet cake.

Bretzel German Food 

Bretzel bread is indeed familiar. In fact, this bread is famous all over the world. You must try it while on vacation to Germany. The unique shape like a ribbon and exotic brown color plus a sprinkling of salt, sesame powder, and sunflower seeds makes us unable to hold back our saliva. I’m so sorry!

Schwarzwalder kirschtorte

Maybe in , this typical German food is known as black forest. Just like the black forest, this cake is topped with chocolate shavings and vanilla cream. It is certain that the results are beautiful and delicious. Perfect for those of you who crave sweets.