Tips for a Safe Vacation with Children

Vacations are needed by everyone to refresh the mind and body after busy work, study or other activities. This makes tourism a sector that never ends. Especially if the weekend or school holidays arrive, various tourist attractions will be full of visitors.Although the Covid-19 virus is still endemic, the tourism sector has started to recover. Some tourist attractions have reopened. You can vacation with children but stay safe by complying with health protocols.

Use a face shield for your little one

Experts agree that masks should not be worn on children under the age of two. Masks can actually be dangerous for the safety of your little one. The reason is that children under two years old have small respiratory tracts. So the use of a mask can interfere with your little one’s breathing. In addition, the use of masks in children under 2 years also increases the risk of suffocation or choking. Instead, you can provide a face shield that is safe and does not risk injuring the child.

Wearing additional protection on the stroller

If the baby is still using the stroller, you can provide additional cover or protection. This additional shield is usually made of transparent plastic. This additional protector can serve to protect your little one from droplets, rain, and insect bites. However, make sure this additional protector also has good air circulation.

Don’t eat at the restaurant

While on vacation, tourists are not recommended to eat in closed restaurants because they are considered quite risky. As much as possible don’t dine-in in closed restaurants, if outdoor restaurants can keep their distance, that’s okay.

Bring your own equipment

For tourists who want to travel, I suggest you bring your personal cutlery and worship to make it safer and not mix with other people.