Possible Reasons to Appear and Cancel the Trip

Indeed, sometimes the things that cancel tours are not from our wishes. For example, before the D-day it turns out that a relative has died. Or suddenly we get sick or suffer other disasters so that all travel plans must be postponed first.

But have you ever felt that the following things also make your travel plans delayed or canceled?


A situation that most often occurs, “no money yet”, or “later ah, waiting for a bonus”, or other similar sentences, often makes traveling fail. In the end, tourism plans are only beautiful on paper and never materialized because they are constantly waiting. It is undeniable that money is indeed a crucial thing for a tourist trip. However, if you continue to wait for more fortune to arrive, or wait for a certain amount of money, then your travel plans may continue to be delayed. So, instead of just waiting, try applying a special trick of saving money for travel?

Exact Day/Date

This also happens often. “Later, wait for a good moment”, or “Later, just for (certain events)!”, or other sentences with the same tone. In the end, because we are too eager to wait for the right time to travel, we are even more immersed in routines and finally our travel plans are just a discourse. So, why not try to create your own perfect time to travel? For example, allocating special time to be able to take a walk and adhere to that time standard (so don’t procrastinate again). Or, just be reckless! Go spontaneously without complicated planning. Who knew it would turn into a pleasant travel memory, after all?

Friends Decision

One more sentence that often comes out is “Come on, wait for the (close friend) to be empty first”, or “I haven’t found a suitable road partner yet”, or other similar sentences. In the end, the tour plan was canceled because one of the friends was busy. Instead of planning a trip that doesn’t happen, just go alone. It’s fun to travel solo, one of which is that you are freer to arrange your itinerary without having to consider your friends’ decisions. But, if you are not brave enough to go alone, at least try to travel using tour and travel services. Can you?