Thailand is a tropical country that has exotic culture and tourist destinations. No wonder the country of Thailand every year has a large number of tourist visitors both from within and outside the country. There are so many choices of interesting tourist and culinary destinations when you visit Thailand. A well-known destination that is often visited when visiting Thailand is Phuket Beach in Bangkok. In addition to its tourist destinations, Thailand is also famous for its diverse cuisine. There are even extreme foods like scorpions and cockroaches in their street food. The cost of living in Thailand is also not too expensive. Therefore, Thailand is often a reference for backpackers from all over the world. Backpacker itself is someone who travels wearing a bag that is identical to his limited budget. So usually backpackers choose a vacation with a choice of accommodation or pocket-friendly tourist destinations. For those of you who want to plan your vacation there with a backpacker, you must check out these backpacker-saving tips to Thailand. Here are Tips for Saving Backpackers to Thailand.

Research and Budgeting Planning

The first backpacker saving tip to Thailand before you leave is that you really have to do some research about how much you will spend per day, this is because if you understand how much it costs to live there, you can roughly estimate how much expenses that you will do while on vacation. After being able to estimate roughly from there you can understand whether the daily cost of living is in your pocket. If it is in accordance with your vacation budget, you can start researching cheap lodging and culinary delights whose facilities and budget suit you.

There are so many choices of stay, tourist destinations, and culinary in Thailand. Do research on tourist attractions in Thailand that you want to visit. Find out how much the entrance fee is to be able to enter these tourist destinations. After determining your tourist destination, you can start looking for accommodations that are most strategically located from all the destinations you want. Do in-depth research via the internet, read several review blogs about the accommodation you want, whether the location of the accommodation is strategic with the tourist destinations you want to go to. Don’t forget to find information about how much transportation costs you have to spend from your stay location with your tourist destination. These backpacker-saving tips to Thailand will help you minimize and make a list of choices of which tourist attractions, accommodations, and culinary delights you will visit according to the budget you have. By doing the right research and planning, you can provide views and directions when you travel later.

Create a Travel Itinerary or Itinerary

The next backpacker saving tip to Thailand is that after doing research you can determine and make an itinerary for your travel and activities every day while there. By making a travel itinerary, your vacation will be more focused and not wasted time and money. When the trip begins, try as much as possible to stick to the plan and schedule that you have previously made.

These backpacker-saving tips to Thailand will also help you in determining the luggage you need. By knowing the schedule of where you will go, you can prepare outfits and other needs that will suit the terrain of the destination you are visiting. Oh yeah, don’t forget to check the season there before you leave. It’s best to avoid it during the rainy season so that you are satisfied traveling around Thailand.

Looking for Cheap Airline Tickets

The next backpacker saving tip to Thailand is looking for cheap airline tickets. Now while you are doing research on tourist attractions and accommodations, you can also look for cheap airline tickets at the same time. Some tips for finding cheap airline tickets are that you can watch several flight websites and traveling applications that are holding promos. Usually when there is an anniversary of the flight you can get a fairly large ticket discount. The tips are you can make a booking ahead of time when there is a flight or application promo. In addition, you can directly book return and departure tickets to avoid unexpected expenses.

Choose Low Season in Thailand

The next backpacker saving tip to Thailand is to choose a vacation time during low season. Each tourist area will generally have ups and downs for both local and international visitors. Well, if you visit during the low season, the price of lodging and airline tickets will be much more affordable than the month during the high season.

Tips for saving backpackers to Thailand visit during low season in March to December. However, April is likely to increase as it coincides with the Songkran festival in Thailand. But if you really want to enjoy the excitement of this festival, tickets and cheap prices won’t be a problem for you either. Well, another benefit of traveling during low season is that you can really enjoy the tourist destinations you are going because there are not as many visitors to tourist destinations as during the high season. Traveling during low season while at the playground is also very efficient because you don’t have to queue too much and can enjoy as many rides as you like.

Use Public Transportation in Thailand

The next backpacker saving tip to Thailand is to use public transportation. Public transportation usually has an affordable price compared to more private transportation such as taxis. In Thailand itself, there are many public transportations that you can use, including the Thai bajai, MRT or BTS. Before leaving, study and make a public transportation route in Thailand if you plan to travel by public transportation in Thailand. By using public transportation, you can also interact more with local residents and find out about tourist attractions and local culinary delights that the residents there enjoy. If you are lucky, maybe the locals there will also give you tips on what you can do while in Thailand.