Traveling is one of the interesting and fun activities that are currently loved by young people. In fact, currently traveling has become one of the necessities for today’s young people, seeking or improving mental health from the busy work that is passed every day. Traveling itself has various types, ranging from several types of traveling tailored to the destination such as traveling city tours or water activities, while there are traveling that are tailored to the budget or finances of these travelers such as backpackers or luxury traveling, there are even types of traveling that are tailored to the amount the person is like solo traveling which means traveling alone and group traveling. Well, actually to enjoy vacations and exciting activities in interesting destinations, it will be more fun if we travel with relatives or friends who we already know well. Before traveling with good friends, we also choose which friends are the best to travel with.

Well, at this time gotravelly wants to share and tips for you travelers who want your traveling plans to be more fun accompanied by your closest people or friends. Even though our close relatives or friends we already know, sometimes we still have to sort out, which friends are suitable for traveling with. Every human person has a different attitude and nature in dealing with a condition. Therefore, gotravelly will share tips on the types of friends that are good to travel with:

The event or the most organized person

The first is organized friends. Having the most comfortable friends to travel with in an organized manner will be able to help you in making your vacation plans more focused and tidy. Having friends who can help plan and schedule well, can help you fulfill your holiday bucket list. Friends with this type will usually suit you who have the type of vacation with a limited budget and time, but want to really visit many tourist attractions. Having a well-directed vacation plan budget and schedule will make us more efficient in running our vacation. It’s not fun when we are on vacation, but the destination and even the budget is beyond our expectations, it can become a new problem after the holidays. Don’t let our vacation end so we’re even stressed thinking about our cost overruns.

Good at a foreign language, or the area

Traveling in a foreign place or area, it’s better to be safer if we have friends who understand the regional language. As the saying goes Language is the key to the world, mastering many languages will really help you to be able to communicate with other people from various regions. By having the best friend to travel with who speaks the language in the area or destination you are going to, you will be less worried about various things in people’s areas. By being able to communicate with local residents, you can get various information and insights about the area more easily

Photographer for Traveling

Well, having the best friend you can travel with can capture the moment and take good pictures of you should really be on your list of tips. Currently in the era of social media, most people will capture and share their happy moments on their social media. Having good and aesthetic portraits on social media is a plus and pride for social media users. As a social media user, having Instagram feeds or video reels and tik tok from happy moments during the holidays is a matter of pride and entertainment. Well, for those of you who don’t like playing social media, there’s nothing wrong with having and saving your best moments on vacation to be remembered for now.

Humorous or Lightening the Mood for Traveling

Well, friends who are humorous must really be included in the best friends to travel with. Usually when traveling we may experience unpleasant events or situations, friends who break the humorous atmosphere can help you and your traveling group to restore your mood at that time. The humorist will never go wrong when involved in happy moments and exciting activities, he will have various ways to make you and your friends laugh