Way Kambas National Park

The National Park area is indeed one of the areas that can be visited. Apart from being a lesson about flora and fauna, the nature of the National Park makes the atmosphere and cool air always an unforgettable memory. Indonesia, has many exotic national parks and must be visited.

Way Kambas National Park, located in Lampung, is one of the tourist attractions that must be looked at. Here, there is a diversity of flora and fauna that can be listened to, studied, and maybe also used as selfie friends. Intrigued by this area, let’s take a look at the exploration below.

Profile of Way Kambas National Park

This is a place that can be said as a paradise on the island of South Sumatra. To be precise, it is located in Lampung Province. With rows of lowland forests, freshwater swamp forests, grasslands, thickets, coastal forests and also wild animals that act adorable.

The area of this area is approximately 125,000 hectares. Interestingly, most of this area is still jungle forest. Here, tourists will be presented with Sumatran elephants which can be said to be the icon of this place. Understandably, currently the Sumatran Elephants are almost extinct.

This place was founded in 1936 by Mr. Resident Lampung. Rookmaker. One of the reasons for the establishment of this area is the preservation of nature and protection for animals scattered here such as tapirs, six types of primates, deer, Sumatran tigers, sun bears, and Sumatran rhinos.

Elephant Conservation Center

As discussed earlier, this area is indeed a center for elephant conservation which has become an icon for way kambas. What’s interesting here? Sumatran elephants are one of the animals that are currently of concern because of their dire condition.

The interesting side here, native friends will be entertained by some of the attractions that these elephants can do. one of which is a sport that can be enjoyed. Seeing them exercising also looks fun and attractive. Some of the native friends who saw it were swept away in the fun that was folded.

Besides playing football, your native friends can also see these elephants being bathed, their behavior is quite cute and adorable. Like a child being bathed. What a laugh.

The funny thing is, these elephants are just released. In the afternoon and evening they will return home. There are also elephants who get lost and enter residential areas. If this happens, residents usually immediately contact the national park, because residents are also worried.

Here, also provided a hospital which is the only elephant hospital in Indonesia and possibly in Asia. This hospital is like a human hospital. Where, can overcome stress problems and injuries. Some doctors here also gently and lovingly handle some sick elephants.

Want to try elephant riding? Native friends can climb on their backs and enjoy a variety of captivating views. Indeed, the view of the forest, but the atmosphere that will be felt is really different, makes you amazed continuously without stopping. This is what can be used as an unforgettable memory. To study this elephant, your native friends can enjoy a museum that was established in this area.

Animal Conservation and Tourism Vehicles

Maybe, now, native friends can see the closeness between animals and humans. If your native friends know that, they are not easy to get along with these animals. they also need time. Moreover, being friendly with animals is not as easy as being friendly with humans.

Native friends can enjoy the rivers by riding a motorboat. It’s just that this boat can only be filled by 6 people .. not only around the river. However, by using this motorboat, you can see the native life of wild animals.

Not only elephants have a home in this place. but some fauna also have houses here such as, fires, Pidada, nipah, Gelam, salam, Rawang, ketapang, sea pine, pandanus, puspa, meranti, oil, and ramin.


Talking about ecosystem problems, this place is indeed the home of lowland forests. There are several types that can be enjoyed such as meranti, rengas, keruing, puspa, and many more. If you participate in tour and travel packages, you can learn a lot from what will be said.

When the native friends surround the river by motorboat. Native friends can enjoy the marsh forest tomorrow. In this swamp forest is fresh water which has sufficient acidity. Apart from the forest, there are also several birds that can be seen coming and going.

The types of swamp forest that can be enjoyed here are semar bags, red palms, pandanus and nibung. If, you can see more deeply, some of this vegetation has knee and tilt roots, these are the characteristics of the swamp forest ecosystem.

Address and Route Location

The address of Way Kambas National Park is in Raja Basa lama, Labuhan Ratu, Sukadana, East Lampung Regency. There are several ways to get to this area, you can use private vehicles and public transportation.

If a native friend departs from Jakarta, you can use a plane to Lampung. Then, continue by taking a taxi or bus and get off at the metro city. Get off at the stone elephant village. Then, take a motorcycle taxi to the entrance of the Way Kambas National Park.

There are also alternatives when using the bus. The journey starts from the terminal of the village of Rambutan. Take the bus to the port of peacock. Then, get off at the port and queue for tickets to the Bakauheni port. From here, native friends can use the bus to the Raja Basa Tanjung Karang terminal.

From Rajabasa terminal, continue the journey to Labuan Ratulama by bus and pass through the eastern Sumatra route. Get off at Batu Gajah Village and continue by using an ojek. Then, get off at the gate of the Way Kambas National Park

If, your native friends are still confused or unsure about using public transportation. It would be nice to use several tour and travel services that have provided travel packages to this area.