tourist destinations in the Anambas Islands

What makes us interested in traveling to the Anambas Islands? What has Anambas presented to us to make this adventure memorable? Here are some things that managed to captivate and reassure my soul while at Anambas:


It is one of the main islands of 255 islands scattered in the Anambas Islands. That afternoon the fast ferry I was riding docked here at Letung Harbor, Berhala Island. On this island I stayed for 4 days. Stay at the Miranti Inn with its flagship restaurant facing the sea, then explore the beauty of the mainland of Jemaja Island.

Some of the land attractions that can be visited here include the beach with the longest line in the Riau Islands, namely Padang Melang Beach. Then the village which is synonymous with a stretch of rice fields, Bukit Padi Village, Kuala Maras Village, and Neraja Waterfall, a waterfall that flows through terraced rocks and empties into a natural pool.


Moving on from Jemaja, I continued crossing to the largest island in the Anambas Islands, namely Siantan Island. It is also on this island that the capital of the Anambas Islands, Tarempa. That’s why this island feels more “alive” and noisy than Jemaja. Some of the natural beauty that can be touched here, among others; Temburun Waterfall, Pasir Manang Beach, Baiturrahim Jamik Mosque, Mount Dewa Siantan Temple, and Arung Hijau.

Anambas Mainstay Islands

The name is the archipelago, of course the champion of Anambas tourism is its maritime. Undoubtedly, Anambas’ underwater beauty has also succeeded in making my amazement and joy endless. Snorkeling around the shoreline has been treated to a variety of marine life. It’s spectacular.

Ipan Island and Tulai Island, for example. I explored these two islands while in Letung. Next, Lango, Tenggiling and Rengek Islands, three islands became my snorkeling spots while in Tarempa. All of these islands have succeeded in presenting their own beauty. Good beaches, especially their underwater habitat.

Local culture

In my opinion, the factor of comfort and falling in love with an area that is visited is seen from the friendliness of the people. It’s also what made me fall in love with Anambas. Even though I had come all the way and didn’t know anyone at Anambas, it turned out that it did not make it difficult for me to mingle with the local people. Their warm welcome made me feel calm and safe and wanted to linger there. One unique experience that impressed me the most was joining a behari raye (Eid) at the house of a resident I didn’t know. Come, greetings, eat and go home. An experience that I will never forget.

How, interested in Anambas? Beforehand, pay attention to a few points below so that a vacation to Anambas becomes a memorable story:

How to get to Anambas

There are only 2 transportation options to Anambas, sea or air routes. If you choose the marine option, be prepared to face the ferocious waves of the South China Sea if the weather is less friendly. Sailing can be started from Tanjung Pinang using a fast ferry with a sailing duration of 5-7 hours. However, if you choose the second option, you can use an airplane from Batam’s Hang Nadim Airport to Letung Airport with the Wings Air airline. Or if you want to go to Tarempa, you can go from Bintan to Matak by using an Xpress Air plane

Best Time to Visit

The dry season is of course the best choice of time to visit Anambas. Because it is certain that the target is going to sea, right? So make sure to check the weather conditions first. If you come in the rainy season, of course, big waves are everywhere and finally you can’t enjoy the enchanting underwater beauty.