Beach Tourism in North Kalimantan, Indonesia Most Hits Visited part 1

North Kalimantan is an area that has the most hits beach tourism destinations so it is a must-visit. Moreover, local residents have a friendly personality so that tourists feel at home for a long vacation in North Kalimantan, surely the opportunity to get new siblings is realized as well as being satisfied to explore Instagramable beach tourism.

In addition, the beauty of the beaches that are scattered in Kalimantan is very exotic with many interesting spots that spoil visitors. Guaranteed visitors will not be disappointed to explore the beauty of the beach, especially when it is still beautiful and the area is clean because it is always maintained. For this reason, tourists must maintain the beauty of the beach by caring for it.

Unfortunately, some people are still confused about determining the beach in North Kalimantan as a vacation spot with their loved ones. For this reason, below are recommendations for 10 most visited beaches in North Kalimantan, including:

Kelapa MangkupadiĀ beach

In fact, Kelapa Mangkupadi beach is located in the Bulungan area which is overgrown with coconut trees so that the atmosphere around the beach is very shady. Of course, it is suitable for you to unwind during your activities in urban areas, it’s no wonder that many city visitors take the time to visit the beach every Saturday or holiday.

Even when the sun is hot, visitors can enjoy the cool sensation of coconut water bought around the beach. Surely the atmosphere will be even more beautiful, you can explore the facilities on the beach, such as taking a boat with a group, diving or berating around the beach. Make sure you and your group have good health so you can enjoy all activities on the beach.

Tanah Kuning Beach

Tanah Kuning beach is a mainstay of tourists when traveling to North Kalimantan because it has clean white sand, as a result most tourists choose to play with various forms of sand. Among them are sand castles, car shapes and others, no doubt the children enjoyed the activity the most and brought various forms of prints.

The majority of tourists are amazed and are willing to repeatedly take the time to come to Tanah Kuning beach. The reason is that the atmosphere is very cool, so it is suitable as a place to unwind during daily activities. try to choose the right vacation time so that you are satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the amazing beach.

Batu Lamampu Beach

Batu Lamampu Beach is located in the Nunukan area and is a tourist area in North Kalimantan, which is directly adjacent to Malaysia. Interestingly, the beach is still virgin so that all the atmosphere is still beautiful and natural, as a result visitors are satisfied to explore the beach.

In addition, the beach has a coastline of 3 km and has clean brown sand, of course, beautiful with light blue sea water. Surely the activities around the beach are very charming and exotic so they must be visited.

Tourists can go to the beach from Nunukan which requires a trip of about 1 hour. During the trip, tourists will not be bored because the sky conditions are no less beautiful, even though the facilities are incomplete but they are replaced with very exotic beauty.

Amal Beach

Amal Beach has a fairly high existence, no wonder many local and foreign tourists often go back and forth to Amal beach. Moreover, there are many stalls around the beach that serve North Kalimantan and other regional specialties, of course, it tastes good and delicious.

Meanwhile, it is located in Tarakan City, North Kalimantan Province. This beach is always crowded with tourists, both from within the country and abroad. When the weather is clear, natural beauty is evident and pampers tourists on the coast of this area.