Beach Tourism in North Kalimantan, Indonesia Most Hits Visited part 2

Taiwan Beach

Maybe some people think that the coast of Taiwan is located in Taiwan, even though this is wrong. The reason is that in North Kalimantan there is a beach called Taiwan which has a charming beach beauty, and has even become the most popular tourist attraction so it is always crowded with visitors. It is recommended that visitors bring a high-resolution camera so that all beautiful and rare moments can be captured, of course with their loved ones.

Amazingly, the coast of Taiwan has stunning underwater beauty, as a result diving and swimming are the mainstay of tourists spots. The sand is white, with clear blue sea water that makes visitors clearly witness the underwater beauty.

Eching Beach

Eching Beach is one of the mainstay beaches for tourists who vacation in North Kalimantan, because the beach offers a charming landscape like a real professional painting. As a result, many visitors invite relatives and colleagues to take a vacation to Eching beach.

The expanse of white sand is also smooth so that visitors are comfortable lingering on the beach, as a result playing with sand becomes a fun activity without any itching or stress during work. Make sure you explore the entire beach so that the vacation is more memorable and has an unforgettable beautiful experience.

Tanjung Batu Beach

You want an exotic beach tourism object, Tanjung Batu beach, because it has a view of granite stones that add to the beauty of the beach. The reason is that right in the middle of the sea there are granite rocks that form a cluster of islands, making visitors curious.

As a result, sailing is a mainstay of activity for visitors so that you can see up close the beauty of the granite rocks, you can use a motorboat to go around the beach while capturing the granite rocks up close. It is certain that it will be viral if the photo is distributed on social media, the article displays captivating and instagramable photos.

Cemara Beach

Who would have thought, in North Kalimantan there is a mainstay and most popular beach, the beach is Cemara Beach. Moreover, the beach offers a variety of natural and artificial beauty, including a place to enjoy views of Susnet and Sunrice, panoramic views of the beauty of the beach such as coconut trees, visitor areas for sunbathing, banana loading, and other facilities.

The most important thing is that you bring complete equipment, including clothes to change during the holidays, children’s clothes if you bring children, ready-to-eat food supplies, and other equipment.

Binalatung Beach

Binalatung beach is a beach attraction that is right for your vacation with your loved ones, moreover, the scenery is very charming and the cleanliness is always maintained. Guaranteed your vacation with loved ones will be fun without the burden of problems while working in urban areas. This is because the management of beach attractions always pampers visitors with adequate facilities.

Surely a tourist vacation is very memorable, don’t get me wrong, Binalatung beach is often used as a place for important events such as applications, children’s birthdays and other important events that create a cool, calm and comfortable atmosphere. Try to bring your partner along, because the beach is very romantic if you use a vacation spot with a lover or husband and wife. This is because it has soft sand and the air is always cool, making you comfortable on vacation.

Serdang Beach

Serdang Beach is always crowded with visitors, even though it’s not a holiday, it’s still crowded. This is because it has a charming beauty so that visitors are free to explore the beach with the group. Amazingly, the beach offers adequate facilities for visitors. Among them are motorboats, tires for children to swim, rocks for visitor photo spots and various other interesting facilities.

In addition, there are also many resting places for visitors, including a sturdy bamboo gazebo with a unique shape, stalls. It is certain that during a vacation, visitors will have an unforgettable beautiful experience. Try to make the right schedule when visiting Serdang beach, the goal is that the beach is not too crowded so you are not satisfied with exporting the beauty of the beach. Because the atmosphere that is not too crowded creates a calm and comfortable atmosphere, if you are excited to try various games on the beach.