Pay attention to this first before climbing the mountain

Mountain climbing is still often associated with dangerous male activities. In fact, lately it seems that more and more women are involved in this activity. Launching from the EIGER Adventure Service Team (EAST) shows that nearly 55% of today’s climbers are women.

Basically, there are four abilities that an adventurer should have, namely technical ability, fitness, humanity, and environmental understanding. More about these capabilities, see more below.

Recognize objective and subjective dangers on the way

determination must be balanced with knowledge of outdoor activities, especially regarding the types of hazards. There are two types of hazards in outdoor activities, namely objective and subjective hazards. Objective hazards are hazards caused by natural factors such as altitude, weather, oxygen, terrain, and rainfall. Meanwhile, subjective hazard is a hazard caused by human factors or limited human resources.

Keep maintaining hygiene in outdoor activities

There are still many female climbers who are ignorant of hygiene when doing activities for various reasons. In fact, if not noticed early on, this can have a big impact later on, such as vaginitis or vaginal infections, to the difficulty of having children.

The main thing in maintaining hygiene is always changing underwear before going to bed and washing the intimate organs with water at least once a day, not using wet wipes. In addition, by doing these two simple things, women have reduced the chances of infection in the external and internal areas of the female organs.

Another thing that must be considered by female climbers is the waste of sanitary napkins. In her explanation, Ratih emphasized to always bring down the waste of sanitary napkins during activities.

Prepare environmentally friendly supplies

When climbing mountains, avoid packaged foods as much as possible and replace them with fruits, vegetables, or other cooking ingredients wrapped in boxes or net bags to maintain their durability. Not only replacing packaged food, then sorting the resulting waste into compost or giving it to the waste bank for non-biodegradable waste.

Even though there are still many people who see this as a complicated activity, once you get used to it, the journey becomes much simpler and simpler. The key is travel planning.

Understand safe and comfortable outfits for female climbers

Last and not least is choosing an outfit that is safe and comfortable when climbing. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes to anticipate extreme weather when you are up there.

Basically, there are three layers of outfit that climbers must know, namely the base layer, mid layer and outer layer. These three layers have their respective benefits and are important for maintaining body temperature and condition when climbing a mountain. Don’t forget to prepare this outfit for your safety and comfort, OK!

In addition to the tips above, another important thing is to keep your body in good shape. Climbing the mountain requires extra effort because you will spend days outdoors in unpredictable weather conditions. Don’t push yourself if you really don’t feel okay because your safety is much more important.