Weird Restaurants Only in Japan

Japan has a thousand uniqueness that makes foreign tourists visit the land of Sakura. When it comes to cuisine, you will definitely explore its signature restaurants to be able to enjoy ramen, sushi and sashimi, or other menus in their home country. But, can you imagine if it turns out that there are also strange, unique, and quirky restaurants that only exist in Japan? Curious?

Shinjuku Kabukicho Robot Restaurant

Have you ever imagined coming to a restaurant or cafe that contains a large and diverse showcase of human-made robots? At Shinjuku Kabukicho Robot Restaurant, you will be spoiled with robot shows that are even bigger than humans, and are perfect for you lovers of robots and technology. In addition, you will be served by human servants in strange and sensual robot outfits. To enter the restaurant, you have to pay $37, and each service ordered will be charged a different rate.

Nuigurumi Cafe

Do you have a doll that you really love? Well, here you can ‘pamper’ your favorite dolls with food and drinks, and make them like humans who want to visit a cafe and meet their friends. Yes, this cafe is exclusively for dolls and there are no human guests. So that the dolls from various owners in Japan, will let them ‘talk to each other’ and enjoy the food provided. Hmm, that’s really weird!

The Lockup

Many restaurants and cafes are strange and eccentric, there are even places to eat that look like eating in a cell. Well, in Japan there are also, you know, restaurants that look like they are in a prison. However, here you will be presented with decorations and food menus that look very strange and can be scary. There are caterpillar shapes, human hands, human eyeballs, and human skulls in some corners. For those of you who are paranoid, don’t ever come to this place!

Zauo Shinjuku

If you’ve heard of the Muara Karang fish market, there you are allowed to choose fish from different vendors so you can take it home or cook it around the area. In Japan, you can fish yourself, whose pond is inside the restaurant. You are free to choose the fish you want to be processed into your food menu. But remember, for those of you who are severely hungry, avoid this restaurant! Because ‘fishing’ here will take a long time.


Look, you can find a beautiful and cute girl as a waitress at Maidreamin, the Maid Cafe Experience in Japan, you know! You can enjoy a dish of adorable food that is delivered directly by a waiter who uses a costume player (cosplay). Especially for you male visitors who bring a partner, be careful and don’t turn your eyes away from the partner who is eating with you! hihi So, which is the strangest restaurant or cafe that you will visit for the first time when you visit Japan?