A Delicious Culinary Center You Must Visit When Traveling to Seoul

South Korea is becoming the center of Asian popular culture, where the influence of hallyu culture affects various sectors around the world. In addition to K-Pop and K-Drama, the culinary specialties of the Ginseng Country are also increasingly favored by many people.

Not satisfied with the related menus that are sold in the world, many people decide to go on a trip to Korea, and taste the original taste there. One of their favorite destinations is Seoul, which is the capital of the modern nation on the Korean Peninsula.

Seoul has many exciting hawker centers with a variety of delicious culinary delights that are a pity to miss. Here are five recommendations for the best locations to settle for a delicious snack in the South Korean capital.

Gwangjang Market

This is the oldest market in Seoul that sells a variety of products, including a variety of appetizing local dishes. One of the typical Korean snacks that are widely sold here is Tteokbokki, aka rice cakes cooked in a thick, spicy sauce. Gimbap, or stuffed rice wrapped in seaweed, is also the most popular snack here.

Myeongdong Street Food Alley

Myeongdong is one of the trendiest districts in Seoul, filled with various commercial shops and cool restaurants. Hweori Gamja or Tornado Fried Potato Sate is the most commonly found snack here, where the texture is unique between fries and chips. In addition, Japchae or stir-fried Korean noodles are also popular here, where the vendors have their own advantages in terms of taste and filling.

Dongdaemun Night Market

This is the busiest night market in Seoul, often selling magical items we hardly ever think about. But when it comes to food, various grilled meats are my favourites, including Woosamgyeop. These are sliced beef marinated in sweet and spicy seasoning and grilled briefly, then served with a packet of rice and stir-fried vegetables.


Located near Hongkik University, this area is synonymous with the center of indie art and lifestyle. Therefore, the culinary characters sold in this area tend to be ready to eat but filling. Like Ramyun, for example, which is processed noodle soup with various fillings. Perfect to eat at night after work.

Namdaemun Market

This market is located close to the historical district in southern Seoul, so a lot of traditional Korean snacks are sold here. One of the mainstay menus that you must try is Bulgogi, which is stir-fried meat with a sweet and salty taste, and usually served as a set of hot rice and various side dishes.

The good news is, you can find all the popular menus from the five Seoul hawker centers above at Born Ga Express. This restaurant focuses on a variety of street food dishes typical of the Ginseng Country which are served casually and modernly.