Tips for Traveling to the Beach with Children to Stay Safe

Often when we are at the beach, we see families with missing/roaming children. Children sometimes get lost in the crowd on the beach. To take precautions, we will share the following tips on traveling to the beach with children and families to stay safe.

Creating Rules and Sharing Tasks

Travel tips that Before you get everyone out of the car, tell the kids the rules for setting up. For example, “While mom and dad prepare umbrellas and chairs, you can all put down beach blankets, and not run into the water until we’re ready.” This way you don’t have kids running straight into the ocean. It’s really hard to keep things organized while trying to keep an eye on your kids.

Choose a Safe Location

2nd travel tip: Be smart and set your spot right near the lifeguard chair, this way the kids have extra attention on them when they are in the water.

Giving Hints

3rd travel tip: Take the time when you have prepared a place to show your umbrella. If other umbrellas are the same color, make sure you show your kids the important places they can easily find.

Giving Understanding

4th travel tip: Tell your child that if he can’t find you, no matter what, go straight to the lifeguard. Lifeguards can help much faster than kids running around.

Obey the Rules

Next tip talk to your kids about the ups and downs before and again when you get there. Be aware of what a tidal wave looks like and what it does. Make sure your child knows if he’s in a rip current don’t swim against him, he’ll just tire and get carried away.