Tourist Destinations with Amazing Views for Hikers and Bike Lovers in Indonesia

For approximately 3 months, the majority of Indonesians have been active at home during the PSBB period in order to reduce and break the chain of the spread of the Corona virus. For those of you who like adventure, you can’t wait to come back to visit your dream destinations.

Nature lovers must have dreamed of a natural tourist location with beautiful scenery. Not just relaxing and relieving stress, tourist locations full of beautiful natural scenery are also suitable for those of you who like hiking and cycling. research shows that almost 83% of Indonesian travelers crave mountainous areas. This area is one of the most important factors when choosing a vacation destination. In addition, 79% of local tourists are also very active while on vacation. In fact, sports activities while on vacation are also their main motivation for traveling.

If you can’t wait to climb mountains and cycle in fresh mountainous areas, here are tourist destinations in Indonesia that you can consider. No need to hesitate, there are also many choices of comfortable and suitable places to stay for you and your family.

Mount Kelimutu, Flores

Explore hiking trails and bikes to catch the sunrise at Mount Kelimutu in Flores. Here, you can enjoy amazing views. You will also be greeted with the magical atmosphere of a 3-colored lake located between three volcanic craters.

Here, there are many choices of lodging that are comfortable and suitable for your vacation. One of them, Flores Passport House, is located in Ende. Not just an inn, the building is an architectural dream project for an instagrammable accommodation that offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. For climbers like you, Flores also presents walking routes around the property, you know.

Mount Batur, Bali

An adrenaline rush vacation by taking a hiking and cycling tour around Mount Batur, Bali, is something you shouldn’t miss. Covered in thick fog at night, the location around Mount Batur gives the impression of floating above the clouds.

Black Lava Hostel and Lodge is one of the best lodging options. Only 500 m from Lake Batur, this accommodation offers a terrace to enjoy the sun, views of the outdoor pool, and BBQ facilities suitable for you and your family.

Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara

A haven for explorers, Lombok is favored by climbers. Not only the beaches are the target of tourist destinations, Lombok also has the magnificent and beautiful Rinjani. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have much experience to reach the top of this mountain, as long as you have a reliable guide. Don’t miss the charm of the beautiful Segara Anak Lake, with its clear blue waters.

In Lombok, there is Rinjani Lodge in Senaru. This hotel and restaurant is located on the border of Rinjani National Park in North Lombok. Offering magnificent views of Rinjani and lush rice fields, this accommodation is perfect for getting ready and resting after climbing to the top of Mount Rinjani.

Borobudur Village, Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is really good at making travelers miss. In this city, there is the village of Borobudur which offers an unforgettable experience for those of you who like cycling. In this village, you can explore pleasant bicycle paths with beautiful views surrounded by green countryside, rice fields, farms, and traditional houses.

Stay at Villa Arusha Jogja, a luxury villa that is comfortable for families with private rooms that offers special bicycles for you. Located in Sleman, it is only 15 km outside the city of Yogyakarta. The villa is surrounded by rice fields and offers panoramic views of Mount Merapi.

Bukittinggi, Sumatra Barat

This hilly city has many beautiful scenery that you can enjoy. Being one of the mandatory destinations in West Sumatra, Bukittinggi has various amazing locations. Like Sianok Canyon. A narrow valley surrounded by cliffs and streams. In this area, you can cycle, trekking, or take a leisurely walk while enjoying the fresh natural air.

Padi Ecolodge is one of the accommodations that will give you a unique experience in Bukittinggi. Its location close to the city is also one of the advantages of this inn. Each room also offers stunning views of the canyon.