Seeing Hong Kong Readiness in Welcoming Travel After the Corona Virus Pandemic

The Corona virus pandemic has had a major impact on the entire world, including Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) for the first time held an online forum titled “Beyond COVID-19: Global Tourism’s New Normal which focuses on the post-pandemic tourism prospects for Hong Kong, Mainland China, Asia and the world.

The most important thing is to restore consumer confidence and ensure all travelers have a safe journey from start to finish. The collaboration must be able to cross geographical and business boundaries, utilizing all the knowledge and expertise possessed. HKTB will work with the HKSAR Government to create the “Open House Hong Kong,” a unique tourism platform that tells Hong Kong is a safe destination for travel.

Although global tourism is predicted to only return to its previous level in 2022, China, Indonesia and the United States show high optimism for travel. Tourist confidence that has not fully recovered is a great opportunity to take advantage of domestic travel, including in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s preparations to receive tourists post-pandemic

The Corona virus pandemic has also made experts no longer able to predict consumer habits, thoughts, and behavior about traveling. This is why it is important that all sectors work together and chart a path to recovery through a coordinated strategy and rebuild consumer confidence to return to travel.

The recently launched “Safe Travels” stamp allows travelers to identify businesses and destinations that have implemented the global WTTC protocol around the world. Meanwhile, business events will move more towards digital as long as the Corona virus pandemic is still ongoing. What do you think?