Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles that You Must Visit part 4

Venice Canals Walkway

Not infrequently when you hear the word Venice, the first thing that comes to your mind is definitely a Venice beach and the Boardwalk. But it turns out that Venice is meant here is a canal. The canal is like a gem tucked away a few blocks from the beach. In this place there are several bridges along the canal which are used to cross from one side to the other. To support the beauty of the canal, there are long stretches of sidewalks on each side of the canal for walking, jogging, or cycling.

The Venice Canals Walkway is south of downtown LA. These canals were originally built in 1905. The Venice Canals Walkway is a must-see when you visit Los Angeles. When you walk on this canal, you will feel like walking into a fantasy movie. There are canoes on each side of the canal. There are even some canoes that have a charming design. Not only that, I think every house in this place has its own uniqueness. Everything in this area contains beauty, peace, and serenity. You should feel the charm of this place.

Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium, sometimes also known as Metonim Chavez Ravine which means baseball park. This place is in Elysian Park. This place has been opened since 55 years ago, to be precise on April 10, 1962.

At first this stadium was the only stadium built to facilitate baseball lovers. The stadium boasts several innovative designs. For you baseball lovers, this stadium is worth your visit. You can feel the beauty of this stadium when you are in this area.

TCL Chinese Theatres

TCL Chinese Theaters is one of the most iconic film palaces in the world. Since 1972, TCL Chinese Theaters has been the home of red carpet films. When you take the time to watch a movie in this place, you will feel a different sensation. In this place you will be pampered with the latest technology ever available for a cinema. IMAX Laser provides the first experience at TCL Chinese Theaters, pampering the audience with a sharp, bright, clear and clear screen and providing immersive audio levels. The movie viewing experience at TCL Chinese Theaters IMAX is truly unmatched by cinemas elsewhere.

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is a street in hollywood, originally this street was named Prospect Road. But over time when the city of Hollywood was annexed by Los Angeles, this street underwent a change. The eastern end of Hollywood Boulevard passes through a bit of Armenia and a Thai town. The beginning of the formation of this place as a tourist destination. So do not be surprised by the beauty emitted in this area.

El Pueblo de Los Angeles

This place is a historic district located in the oldest part of Los Angeles known for decades as “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los ngeles del Río de Porciuncula.” At first this place was known as the Los Angeles Plaza Historic District. El Pueblo de Los Angeles was designated as a state historic monument in 1953 and was registered on the national list of historical places in 1972. When you come to this place, you will be amazed by the classic beauty that is in this place. This is exactly what you should visit, because this place is full of historical significance for the city of Los Angeles.

If you are interested in going to Los Angeles, you must make a careful plan. Because in addition to plane tickets and hotel bookings, you need to take care of Visa. Once you get a Visa, for the next 5 years you don’t have to bother to take care of it if you plan to visit the United States again.