Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles that You Must Visit part 3

Farmers Market

No need to worry, when you want to enjoy the culinary specialties of Los Angeles you can visit the Farmers Market. This place is the culinary center of Los Angeles. Farmers Market has been around since 1934, this place has become one of the places for Los Angeles residents to gather, not only that, tourists also often visit this place. The main attraction of this place, is the row of restaurants and hawker stalls that can certainly spoil your stomach.

Famers Market does not only offer American and Los Angeles cuisine. In this place, there are many culinary choices such as Latin American and Asian cuisine. So if you miss Asian cuisine, you can easily go to Farmers Market.

Farmers Market is not only a culinary center in Los Angeles, but now Farmers Market has become a landmark and should be visited. To get to Farmers Market, you can take Metro Bus 217 and get off at the intersection of Fairfax Ave and 3rd Street.

Olvera Street

For those of you who like shopping, there are several places worth visiting, such as Olvera Street. This place is a street called Olvera Street. This is where Los Angeles was born, because Olvera Street is the first street in Los Angeles. This place is a favorite place for shopping. Until now Olvera Street is still maintained the authenticity of the building. The dynamic atmosphere can be felt from the colorful buildings and stalls that are here. To get to Olvera Street, you can take the Metro Red, Gold or Blue Line and get off at Union Station and then cross the road to Alemeda Street.

Another shopping area worth visiting is Robertson Boulevard. World celebrities who often shop at this place. In this place there is also a restaurant “Ivy”, which is a restaurant that is a favorite point of the paparazzi to take photos of world-class celebrities.

Observatorium Griffith

One of the tourist attractions in Los Angeles is the Griffith Observatory. If you come to this place then you will get a very beautiful view that you can see firsthand the overall beauty of Los Angeles. You can visit this tourist spot in Los Angeles at night or during the day. If you come during the day and you come on holiday then you will feel a happy holiday because here if the holiday is filled with visitors and other tourists both inside and outside. And the drawback if on holidays is that parking is difficult because too many people visit this place.

And when the day was getting late the visitors were slightly reduced. You can see the scenery during the day and the weather is clear by looking at the vast and beautiful LA, if in the afternoon then you will be given a view with twinkling lights in the city of LA. For free you can immediately get to know who is in outer space and see all about space which is located on the outskirts of LA.

Sunset Boulevard

This tourist spot in LA called Sunset Boulevard is one of the tourist attractions that has many fruit orchards and for now, Sunset Boulevard is the most popular tourist spot in parcel land. On Sunset Boulevard we can see a beautiful and extraordinary sunset. If you want to vacation in LA then you are also required to visit this place. Here you can also enjoy a natural atmosphere, you can see the sunset directly.

This place is also suitable for those of you who want to relax in the afternoon by enjoying your vacation. If you are already in LA then you should not take the time to stop at this tourist spot. The beautiful scenery in LA so you shouldn’t miss the most beautiful moments in LA.

Staples Center

Staples Center or what is familiarly known as a multi-purpose hall in Los Angeles. Since it was inaugurated in 1999, this building has functioned as a meeting hall, exhibition hall, venue for sports competitions and even music concert celebrations.

This building has become one of the proud buildings of the Californian community. This sturdy building has several times been the venue for celebration of prestigious events such as the Grammy Award or the awarding of world-class music.

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

Not only its natural beauty, Los Angeles also has a museum that displays several animal skeletons, such as wolves, tigers, camels, and many more. Skeletors in this museum are very well maintained. La Brea Tar and Museum is an interesting place for you to visit. With a tour of the history of the fauna in California, apparently it’s worth a try.