Tourist Attractions Brazil History to Nature Part 3

Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival is not a name for a tourist spot in Brazil, but is an event or carnival held in Rio. The Carnival is held every 6 weeks before Easter and lasts for 1 week. This carnival attracts tourists from all over the world. If you come to Brazil and it coincides with the carnival, you must follow it. There are so many attractions that are presented at this carnival, from Brazilian folk songs, to the various unique costumes on display at the carnival. It’s no wonder that every year foreign tourists flock to Brazil to watch this carnival.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Not only Chirst The Redeemer can be used to enjoy the view from above. Sugarloaf Mountain also gives the sensation of enjoying the view from above. Sugarloaf Mountain is located in Rio de Janeiro, where you can see the beautiful mountain scenery with green trees and blue sea and the beautiful city planning in Rio will be very refreshing to the eyes. To reach this peak, you also only need to take the cable car, and you don’t need to be tired to climb to the top. There are also public facilities that you can use at any time. So you don’t have to worry about the public facilities here.

Pedra Bonita

Pedra Bonita is a tourist spot located on a hill. The road to this tourist spot is quite difficult, with steep inclines and descents and thick forest trees. But when you reach the top of this hill, you will immediately be presented with beautiful views, such as Barra beach, Gavaea rocks and beautiful blue seascapes. In addition to enjoying the natural scenery, you can also enjoy the sensation of riding paragliding. And enjoy the natural beauty around using paragliding. Of course, as a beginner or just one time, you will be accompanied by the paragliding pilot.