Tourist Attractions Brazil History to Nature Part 2

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Fallsa is a favorite tourist destination in Brazil. It is located on the border area between Brazil and Argentina. This tourist attraction is a waterfall that is included in the list of world heritage sites by UNESCO. The beauty of this tourist spot is an attraction for foreign and domestic tourists. It is undeniable that the beauty of the cliff structure that flows through the waterfall has its own character. And usually the light mixed with the splash of the waterfall creates a very beautiful rainbow. This waterfall has a height of 197 feet to 269 feet at its highest peak. And did you know that this waterfall is taller and bigger than Niagara Falls? Yes, because this waterfall is bigger and higher than Niagara Falls.

Amazon Rainforest

Want to feel the cool and fresh sensation of forest tourism in Brazil? You can visit and travel to the Amazon Rain Forest. Here you will be presented with natural scenery and green forests. Besides that, you can also go around using a boat for you to rent and be your vehicle to enjoy the beauty and coolness of the Amazon Forest. Where the Amazon Forest is the largest forest in the world. It’s good if you decide to go around enjoying the beauty of this forest accompanied by a guide. A guide will direct your journey so you don’t get lost.

Canoa Quebrada

A trip to Brazil is not complete without stopping by to enjoy the beautiful beaches here. Canoa Quebrada is a very famous beach located in Caera, Brazil. This beach offers the charm of brown to red cliffs that stretch along the shoreline. In addition, the white sand and waves in the sea are quite large and not infrequently many use it for exercise. There are so many activities that you can do here, such as surfing, horse riding, mountain biking, and many others. One of the reasons this tourist spot is visited by many tourists from all over the world is the sunset which is claimed to be the most beautiful sunset in the world.

Ilha Grande

If you want to get a vacation with a calm, cool and comfortable atmosphere, Ilha Grande can be your destination for a vacation while in Brazil. Ilha Grande is an island south of Rio de Janeiro. This island is very beautiful and quiet. One of the main means of transportation used are boats and walking. This island has beautiful views, where you are presented with beautiful and calm views of the mountains and sea. Moreover, you will feel a very calming sensation. Because there are no motorized vehicles passing by and making noise.