Tourist Attractions Brazil History to Nature Part 1

Have a vacation plan to Brazil? Let’s read the article below first to add the right reference for the Brazil tour that you want to visit. Brazil is a country located in the easternmost part of the Americas which has the most population. Brazil is also known as a soccer country which every year gives birth to talented young seeds in the sport. Say like Ronaldo da Lima, Roberto Carlos, and Ronaldinho. Football players who are thick will win at any club they are in. Apart from that all Brazil also has tourist attractions with extraordinary natural scenery. Lots of foreign tourists flock to Brazil to enjoy their holidays there. The tropical climate and warm air are the main attraction after Brazil’s charming natural scenery. What are Brazil’s tourist attractions like? Let’s discuss together on the list of tourist attractions in Brazil below.

Christ the Redeemer

This tourist spot is located in the highlands or hills at the top of Corcovado. To get to this place you don’t need to be confused or spend a lot of energy climbing the hill. The reason is that there has been a cable car provided here that will take you to the top. Up to the top, you will be presented with a statue of Christ that stands very proudly. The statue is 98 feet tall, with a 92-foot-wide arm span. This statue is not only a tourist attraction but also an icon of Brazil itself. Besides you are presented with a very large statue of Christ, you can also see the beautiful natural scenery in this area. The view is the city of the population that lies below, to the very beautiful blue sea view.

Sao Francisco Church

The next tourist spot that you must visit while in Brazil is Sao Francisco Cruch. This tourist spot is a church that has amazing building details. Where the details of the existing buildings are made of gold-plated wood. The church itself was built in the 18th century, although it has undergone renovations it still retains most of its original design. Making a photo spot here, you just have to choose which photo spot you like. Because every corner of this building has a very charming design and photo background.

Parques Des Aves

Parques Des Aves is a home or place for 800 animals of 200 species. This park was created by veterinarians named Dennis and Anna. This place is perfect for you to visit when you are in Brazil as an educational tourist spot. Here you will find many species of birds from all over the world. One of them is the blue Rio bird which is already rare and was appointed as one of the main characters in the animated cartoon story entitled “Rio”. You can also interact directly or take pictures with the birds that are there.