Tourist Attractions Brazil History to Nature Part 4

Fernando De Noronha

This tourist spot is a collection of small islands that are close to the shoreline. Uniquely in each of these islands, tourists can visit and see the flora and fauna that exist there. Almost inhabited by about 230 species of fish in the waters of this tourist area which you can enjoy the beauty of while snorkeling here. Clear sea water, colorful fish plus white sand and coral. Makes a great attraction for tourists. In addition to snorkeling, you can also cycle or ride a horse to enjoy the beauty that this tourist spot has to offer.

Copacabana Beach

Looking for tourist attractions that are not far from the city with beautiful views, this beach is very worthy for you to include in your tourist list while in Brazil. Copacabana Beach is very strategically located and very easy to reach, which is on the outskirts of the city. This beach is quite popular among tourists. In addition to its location and easy road access, this beach also has a beautiful sunset view. On this beach with a length of approximately 4 km, you can do various activities, such as taking pictures, playing soccer, or beach volleyball. If you visit this beach at the turn of the year, this beach is very crowded with visitors who will witness the fireworks attraction which is the biggest fireworks attraction in the world.

Joatinga Beach

Joatinga Beach is a beach located in a remote area in Brazil. To get to this beach you have to rent a taxi or online transportation that can take you to this beach location. Not finished there, to get to this beach, you still have to pass a path that is in the form of steep rocks. So it is not recommended with children, parents, or pregnant women when traveling to this place. With a very difficult journey, you will be presented with very beautiful beach views, and will immediately pay for your tiredness while traveling. The soft white sand of the beach and the color of the sea water with bluish green gradations add to the cool feel of this beach.

Lencois Maranhenses National Park

The next tourist spot that you can visit while in Brazil is Lencois Maranhenses National Park. Where this tourist spot is a national park which has an area of 383,000 hectares. When the sea water recedes, this tourist area presents views of undulating white sand forming very beautiful waves. And at high tide it will be filled with lagoons with unique fish that are there. Like tiger fish and wolf fish, which are fish species that can live in mud. In addition, you can also enjoy the beauty of this tourist area by using a jeep, boat or even more challenging on foot.

Botanical Garden Curitiba

The last tourist spot that we can summarize is the Botanical Garden of Curibita. Which is a botanical garden located in Parana, South Brazil. The building which is designed to adopt the French building style with a nauveau style provides a very beautiful view of the greenhouse. In addition, this tourist spot also presents a botanical museum that has a collection of Brazilian flora. Besides you can recognize the flora species in Brazil, you can also satisfy yourself by taking pictures in this place. This place also has a very unique and very instagramable photo spot.

It turns out that Brazil not only has natural talent in football, but also has very beautiful natural potential. From the sea, beaches, mountains, to the buildings that stand there provide very interesting tourism potential. Thus the list of tourist attractions in Brazil that we can summarize. Hopefully it can be a reference for all of you when you visit Brazil.