Tips from flight attendants to stay healthy

Besides being able to cause jet lag, planes are also very dirty and have lots of germs. That’s why often traveling by plane can also threaten your health. Well, there are some tips from flight attendants who work on planes everyday so that you stay healthy even though you are often in the flying transportation.

Stay hydrated

If you’re dehydrated, your body will be weaker, which makes it harder to fight off any germs you come across,” says Taylor Strickland, a major cabin stewardess for a commercial airline.

Avoid coffee or tea

A 2015 study on water quality on planes found that water tanks there were conducive to microbial growth. So, you should ask for bottled water or bring your own.

Prepare wet wipes

Not only to freshen and clean hands, but wet wipes also help keep germs at bay. In addition, Lauren Guilfoyle, an Emirates Airline flight attendant, also uses argan oil on her face to keep her fresh.

Clean the plane surface

Unfortunately, many parts of the plane are not cleaned properly, so sometimes you need to take action and clean it yourself with wet wipes.

Don’t consume caffeine before flying

While it’s tempting to have a cup of coffee before an early morning flight, Lauren advises against it. “That is the main cause of dehydration. It is better to drink fruit juices to keep you hydrated during the trip,” he said.

Try to sleep during the flight

Taking a short nap while flying can energize you and help avoid jet lag, according to Heather Sanchez, a Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant. So, don’t forget to bring your neck pillow, noise-canceling headphones, and an eye mask.

Stay fit, but don’t exercise after flying

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to help cope with the physical demands of always traveling and dealing with changing time zones. However, don’t exercise immediately after getting off the plane as your body doesn’t get enough rest, rehydration, and time to adjust to new time zone.