Mandatory Equipment When Vacation to the Beach

Vacations are an opportunity for everyone who has time off to relax by taking a recreational trip or sightseeing, or doing his hobby. Whether it’s to the beach, lake or peak.

Well, when you choose to go on vacation to the beach, there are some equipment that you must provide, you know! Well, take a look at the mandatory equipment below:

Prepare a waterproof bag for the beach

The first thing you really need to bring is a waterproof bag. It is better if you prepare a special waterproof bag for traveling to the beach or locations that are prone to water and wetness. The reason is, you never know what will happen when you travel.

Sun block

Never go to the beach before you apply sunscreen cream or sun block to the skin, especially on the face. Because sunburn can burn skin that is not covered by sun block. As a result, after the holidays the skin will peel like snake scales.

Mineral water

Keep a bottle of mineral water in your luggage. The weather is quite hot on the beach will absorb body fluids. As a result, you will get thirsty easily. Around the beach, of course there are many sellers of bottled water. But you should avoid sweet-tasting water because it will only increase thirst. In addition, mineral water is much better than any bottled water because it can replace body fluids to the maximum.


Yes, in addition to paying for the entrance ticket which usually has to be paid as a retribution fee, you also definitely need money to buy beach snacks. Young coconut, honey pineapple, or even seafood provided there will help you enjoy this beach tour.


It’s no longer a strange thing when most people wear sunglasses on the beach. Indeed, to ward off glare due to the sun shining so brightly in the beach area. But besides that, you can also make cool sunglasses as a stylish tool and take pictures during the beach tour.

Beach hat

For those of you who want to play on the beach, of course, don’t forget to bring this one object. Besides being able to sweeten your photos, beach hats are also useful to ward off direct rays that will attack your body. Bringing a beach hat will help you to enjoy your beach trip more.