Things That Make Japan More Visionary Than Other Countries in the World part 1

Japan can be the destination of choice for those of you who want to vacation abroad. The best times to come to Japan are spring and early autumn. Besides being famous for its cherry blossoms, Japan has always had its own uniqueness.

Japan often presents the latest and unexpected technology. If you’ve been there, you may no longer be surprised by the technology made in Japan that will make your life more practical.

But, for those of you who have never visited Japan, here are the interesting technologies and innovations that exist in Japan.

Capsule Hotel

For those of you who are traveling on a minimal budget, you can stay at a Japanese capsule hotel. Enough to spend $ 15, you can sleep comfortably. There are lockers to store luggage and an elevator to go up to the rooms. There is no doubt about security. Your locker can only be opened with the key you have. This is one of Japan’s progress that has begun to be imitated by other countries.

baby seat

Although it looks trivial, this will make it easier for mothers who have to bring their children into the bathroom. Parents no longer worry about their children, because special seats are available for children.

Just scan the plate to pay

Waiters in Japan no longer need to remember the orders of the visitors who will pay. Waiters simply scan the plates that have been used. The scan results will show the total amount to be paid.

driving stickers

Not much, but the elderly in Japan still like to drive their own cars. Drivers over 75 years old will get a special sticker. This is very useful, so that other drivers know that the car is being driven by an elderly person. A level of concern that needs to be imitated.

Umbrella locker

Are you on vacation in Japan and then suddenly it rains? Every place in Japan will provide a special locker for umbrellas. You can put your umbrella safely without fear of losing it. Equipped with a security code, of course your umbrella will not be confused with another.

Robot cafe

In this cafe, everything from brewing coffee to ready-to-drink coffee, is run by a robot named Sawyer. The robot is capable of grinding coffee beans, filling a filter and pouring hot water over a paper cup, up to five servings at a time. Sawyer will greet every visitor who comes, “Would you like some delicious coffee?”.