The Biggest Mall in the World

Malls have become one of the most common recreational destinations in urban areas. This of course encourages every country to build malls with a magnificent form. In fact, several malls scattered around the world are deliberately built in splendor through a fairly large size.

Forum Instanbul

Starting a trip to Turkey, of course you want to get to know the city of Istanbul which is rich in a very beautiful cultural variety. However, you can also enjoy the modernization of the Istanbul Forum building, which is officially included in the list of the largest malls in the world.

The Istanbul Forum itself is known to have an area of 5.33 million square feet. With this area, Forum Istanbul can present a variety of global-standard shopping outlets, such as Decathlon, to street wear to high end fashion products.

Central World

Still surviving in Thailand, the Central World mall building is quite famous on an international scale. Who would have thought, the mall is in fact one of the largest malls in the world.

With an area of 5.9 million square feet, Central World offers quite a number of shopping outlets that focus on technology, fashion, beauty, and other residents’ needs. Without exception recreational places to just hangout.

CentralPlaza WestGate

As one of the most popular countries among tourists and the world of tourism, Thailand maximally presents a magnificent shopping center. It is CentralPlaza WestGate with a building area of 5.9 million square feet.

These advantages provide a wider space for visitors to get a variety of choices of shopping outlets and recreational places that are expected. Without exception, IKEA dominates with an area of 50,278 square meters.

SM City North EDSA

Flying to the Southeast Asia area, you should look at one of our neighboring countries, the Philippines. With the development of a city that can be said to be advanced, the Philippines presents SM City North EDSA as one of the largest malls in the world.

This is because SM City North EDSA has an area of 5.35 million square feet, with more than 800 shopping outlets including 300 dining outlets. Of course, visitors will be presented with an attractive building design.

Iran Mall

Departing to the Middle East, Iran can be said to be quite proud of the splendor of Iran Mall as one of the best and largest shopping centers in the world. With an area of ​​21 million square feet, everything you need is certainly available in it.

Specifically, launching from Databoks, Iran Mall is known to have nearly 700 shopping outlets, 200 restaurants, and many bookstores. Not to mention, the cinema has a capacity of up to 2,000 seats. In addition, there are three hotels with 450 rooms and conference rooms with a capacity of 3,000 guests.

South China Mall

The development that is fairly advanced, rapid and successful can be seen from the position of cities scattered in China. One of them is the existence of the second largest mall building in the world, namely South China Mall, which has an area of 7.1 million square feet.

As the name implies, South China Mall itself is a shopping center located in southern China. With a fairly large area, South China Mall is known to have around 2,000 shopping outlets that provide residents’ equipment.

Mall of Istanbul

Istanbul has always been one of the most attractive cities in Turkey, thanks to its cultural beauty and the development progress that has accompanied it. As a result, the hallmark of Istanbul combines its role as an economic, cultural and historical center.

You can feel this when you visit the Mall of Istanbul. With a global chain of shops and restaurants, as well as cinemas and indoor theme parks, the Mall of Instanbul stands tall with an area of approximately 7 million square feet.