Weird Facts About South Korea That Make You Stare

South Korea is not only charming because of the rows of romantic dramas and K-Pop that are interesting to watch, but also the culinary arts to the beautiful scenery! But do you know, it turns out that the people of South Korea also have customs, rules and traditions that are no less unique, you know, here are eight habits that you need to know.

South Korean women when sitting often bring a small blanket to put on her lap

Many Korean women have a habit of putting the blanket folded on their lap. This activity is also often done by K-pop stars, TV show guests, and including ordinary people. They don’t forget to take it with them when traveling to cafes, restaurants and other public places. Apparently there is a special reason why they do it to maintain and protect their personal space because the blanket is a symbol of modesty.

They have a habit of covering their mouths when laughing

As a child, girls are taught not to laugh too much to maintain the norm of decency. Because of that habit, if something happened and provoked laughter, they would look away or try to hide their laughter. Usually they …

The Uniqueness of South Korea that We Rarely Know

South Korea, known internationally for its music and entertainment industries, is the most developed economy in Asia. Launching from Asia Scot, K-pop accounts for the largest revenue for the ginseng country.

Understanding the social and cultural aspects of the entertainment we enjoy, the reason is that it fosters our desire to visit South Korea one day. Apart from being known for its food and tourist attractions, South Korea apparently has a uniqueness that is rarely known, you know, so it is dubbed the number one destination in the world!

What uniqueness is meant, huh?

  • For those who want to karaoke to their heart’s content without fear of embarrassment, head over to the individual karaoke rooms on the train!
  • Pictures taken at the same location after a year. Four different seasons on Yeouido island!
  • A building with the most number of doors in the world, which is 1,000 doors!
  • There is a roadside booth that functions as a COVID-19 swab test. So it’s more practical the test process without queuing
  • The best way to get people to climb stairs instead of escalators
  • Automatic escalator cleaner in Korea. Germ free!
  • There are ramen vending machines in Korea! So don’t be afraid of