Weird Facts About South Korea That Make You Stare

South Korea is not only charming because of the rows of romantic dramas and K-Pop that are interesting to watch, but also the culinary arts to the beautiful scenery! But do you know, it turns out that the people of South Korea also have customs, rules and traditions that are no less unique, you know, here are eight habits that you need to know.

South Korean women when sitting often bring a small blanket to put on her lap

Many Korean women have a habit of putting the blanket folded on their lap. This activity is also often done by K-pop stars, TV show guests, and including ordinary people. They don’t forget to take it with them when traveling to cafes, restaurants and other public places. Apparently there is a special reason why they do it to maintain and protect their personal space because the blanket is a symbol of modesty.

They have a habit of covering their mouths when laughing

As a child, girls are taught not to laugh too much to maintain the norm of decency. Because of that habit, if something happened and provoked laughter, they would look away or try to hide their laughter. Usually they will cover it with their hands or other objects. So if you see a Korean woman covering her mouth, she may be laughing.

Every driver must do an alcohol test

Every Friday and Saturday especially at night, the Korean police will block one side of the road and check all passing drivers, except for taxi drivers. When you see a patrol, every passing car automatically has to pull over, then open the window and do an alcohol test. If you are found to be in violation, the cost of the fine depends on the level of blood alcohol, for example 0.05-0.10 per mile will cost you $1,400 to $2,800. Because the normal limit is only allowed to consume 400 milliliters of beer or a glass of soju only.

Hospitals in South Korea always provide complete and delicious food

Every day at various hospitals in Korea, patients are served a variety of different and very complete dishes, from clam soup to traditional entrees, such as marinated rice, vegetable pancakes, and kimchi.

Selling K-pop idol dolls is more in demand than Barbie

For those of you who are fans of K-pop singers who are popular in South Korea, you can easily get small replicas of them in stores. In fact, these dolls are very in demand compared to Barbie. For example, this BTS boyband replica, who can resist it?

Tourists who want to save money can stay in the sauna

Public baths or saunas in Korea, commonly called jjimjilbang. This place is a favorite destination for locals who come to recharge after a long day of work or just to rest. Upon entry, guests will be provided with special uniforms and towels. In addition to bathing, here you can also sleep and stay overnight. This service is in great demand, because it is open 24 hours within 7 working days. No wonder if you want to save money, some tourists who come for a short period can choose to stay here, rather than having to spend a lot of money staying at a hotel.

South Koreans love to keep their hands warm

If you travel to various facilities such as beauty salons or other places, chances are that you will be offered hand warmers, even if there is heating in the building. Safe from dirt and germs too.

They celebrate love day every November 11th which is similar to Valentine

Korean society turns out to have their own love day called Pepero Day. They celebrate it every November 11, by giving breadsticks or snack sticks that are coated with adorable and delicious colorful icing. It is different from Valentine which is identical to chocolate. This gift is usually given to lovers, loved ones, friends and close relatives.