Recommended World Travel Destinations for New Year Celebration

Some people usually want to celebrate New Year’s Eve together with family, friends and lovers at tourist spots to make it more pleasing and at the same time to refresh themselves.

The world’s best tourist destinations are their main target, because there has its own beauty that other places do not have. This is what certainly makes many people interested in visiting it.

World Travel Destinations

Starting from tourist attractions in the form of highlands and even tourist areas with beautiful oceans you can find. Well, here are 5 world tourist destinations for the celebration of the new year:


The first world’s best destination that you can visit to celebrate the new year later is in Australia, precisely in Sydney. Do you know what makes the city of Sydney the best destination, this is because you can enjoy or feel the excitement of the new year before compared to other cities in the world.

This of course will be a very exciting and fun moment. You will be able to upload your new year’s photos earlier than others. You can also share New Year’s celebrations on your social media so that other people can see it. You can come later to the Opera House in Sydney, and you will see a magnificent New Year’s celebration.


Paris is indeed everyone’s dream country to come to visit. If you come here during the New Year’s holiday, of course your New Year’s celebration will be very exciting and unforgettable.

New Year’s holiday to this one destination, you can see the glowing Eiffel Tower and fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Guaranteed, the new year’s holiday abroad will definitely be an unforgettable moment!


Bangkok is touted as the city in Asia with the most exciting nightlife! So, if you want to go abroad a short distance away and feel the super busy atmosphere at night, just come to Bangkok! New Year’s parties in Bangkok take place in various places, including the Asiatique and the banks of the Chao Praya River. The fireworks display will be very lively!


The other world’s best destinations that you can visit to celebrate the new year are in England, precisely in London. You can enjoy New Year’s celebrations here in three locations at once, starting at the London Eye, River Thames, to Big Ben.

Usually the celebration event will also start three hours before exactly 00:00 arrives. You can see how spectacular the New Year’s celebration is here. You can also watch this fireworks display from the Victoria Embankment and also from the South Bank.


Seeing fireworks with the tallest building in the world right in front of your eyes must be a really memorable experience! Yes, don’t miss the New Year’s party at the Burj Khalifa if you are in Dubai on New Year’s Eve, OK? Before enjoying the fireworks, you can take a walk first at the largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall.