Exotic Tourist Destinations in Asia

Discover Malaysia’s native species

Not Temenggor in Perak is one of the oldest rainforests in the world, dating back 130 years. Many things you can do here, especially for lovers of outdoor activities. Like seeing wild life, trekking in the forest, to kayaking and camping. If you’re lucky, one of the world’s rarest mammals such as the Malayan tiger, Asian elephant or white-handed gibbon will be right in front of you.

Swim with the marine life of Miniloc Island

Surrounded by a beautiful bay with a limestone hill backdrop, El Nido Resort on Miniloc Island, Philippines is the perfect destination for those seeking crystal clear waters and vibrant marine life.

There are many activities to do at the resort, such as hiking to watch the sunrise and sunset, boat trips to a nearby lagoon, as well as cave excursions and snorkeling with the fish. Watch out for the giant kuwe gerong (GT) fish called Talakitok by the locals. Weighing up to 80 kg and 170 cm long, this giant fish is often mistaken for a shark.

Soar high in the nature of Phuket, Thailand

High above the jungle trees of Phuket you will find Keemala Hotel’s stunning ‘bird’s nest’ villa.

The resort, which strictly enforces the ‘Anti-Animal Exploitation Policy’, is a home for stray animals. Here, guests can meet their inhabitants, such as river buffalo rescued from a slaughterhouse, and learn about the daily activities of these species and their significance in Thai culture. Other animals rescued by this resort such as goats, ducks, peacocks and chickens, will be an interesting experience for children.

Become a marine conservationist for a day (or two)

To take your vacation even further, head to the Gayana Marine Resort in Kota Kinabalu, which is also home to the Marine Ecology Research Centre. The facility is an educational and learning institution to increase awareness of marine ecosystems and the threats they face. You can participate in activities such as replanting corals on the reef or swimming with sea creatures such as seahorses and bamboo sharks.

Alone with the graceful predators of India

Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan is the largest wildlife conservation in North India and is renowned for having the largest population of Bengal Tigers. While tigers are a major attraction for wildlife enthusiasts, don’t forget their companions such as the Indian leopard, blue buffalo (an antelope), wild boar, striped hyena, sloth bear and spotted deer.

The glamping (glamorous camping) tent at the Oberoi Vanyavilas Ranthambhore Hotel, which is not far from the location, is quite luxurious even for a Maharaja. Walk through the forest floor to learn more about bird life, including the magpie robin, purple sun bird and oriental white eyes pleci.

Sleeping under the roof of the Balinese sky

You can also find exotic destinations in Indonesia. One of them is Bali which is known as the Island of the Gods because it has many wonders and natural beauty.

If you like the idea of ​​being one with nature, stay at Bubble Hotel Ubud. This minimalist hotel that is not like a regular hotel consists of several transparent domes hidden in a lush area. Being in this place, you can enjoy the beautiful night under the stars and be accompanied by nocturnal animals, but still feel as comfortable as home.