Recommended Tourist Attractions in Medan Indonesia

Indonesia as a tropical and archipelagic country that is rich in natural beauty from Sabang to Merauke, has become one of the destinations for foreign tourists to visit and enjoy tourist attractions in our beloved country.

However, not only foreign tourists like and often visit domestic tourist attractions but also the Indonesian people themselves. Especially if the weekend or school holidays arrive, various tourist attractions will be full of visitors. Well, since we are discussing tourist attractions, we have managed to summarize some of the tourist attractions in Medan below:

Tjong A Fie Mansion

The first recommended tourist spot in Medan is Tjong A Fie Mansion. The building where Tjong A Fie lives is a tourist spot in Medan which was built in the late 19th to early 20th centuries and is still standing strong today. It is located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, No. 105, Kesawan, Medan.

Referring to the publication of the Medan Archaeological Center, the gate of Tjong A Fie Mansion has the characteristics of a Chinese building with ornaments on the top of the roof and the placement of two lion statues in front of the gate, each on the right and left.

Tjong A Fie is an ethnic Chinese businessman from Mei Hsien, Guangdong. Together with their older brother, Tjong Yong Hian, they played an important role in filling the needs of Medan’s huge plantation workers.

Tjong A Fie Mansion is about 125 years old and stands on an area of 2,200 m2. The building consists of two floors and has 35 rooms. The beauty of this tourist spot can be seen from the decoration of lanterns and porcelain and magnificent pillars.

Visiting this tourist spot in Medan feels like going back to the past. Even though it is old, the Tjong A Fie building is still neat and clean. Details of the building can be used as a beautiful photo object. Visitors can tour the house with a guide who will explain more about the character Tjong A Fie

Maimun Palace

The second recommended tourist spot in Medan is Maimun Palace. Maimun Palace is arguably the most popular tourist spot in the Medan City area. The palace of the Deli Sultanate and an icon of the city of Medan, this palace was designed by architects from the Dutch Royal Army for the Sultan of Deli.

The architecture is what makes this palace unique and so popular – the interior design combines Malay, Islamic, Spanish, Indian, Dutch and even Italian elements. Now, Maimun Palace has been turned into a museum and one of the popular tourist attractions in Medan.

Linting Lake

The third recommended tourist spot in Medan is Lake Linting. Besides Lake Toba, you can find other beautiful lakes in the Rumah Rih area, Sinembah Tanjung Muda Hulu, Deli Serdang Regency. Lake Linting has the color of Tosca water which is surrounded by green and lush trees. Although it does not smell like other volcanic lakes, Lake Linting has a water taste that tastes sulfur.

Keling Village

The fourth recommended tourist spot in Medan is Kampung Keling. This tour is also known as Little India because it has a look like cities in India. Besides being referred to as Little India, this place is also nicknamed Kampung Madras.

This tourist spot in Medan is a village inhabited by many ethnic Indians who began to come to Medan to try their luck.

Then gradually this place turned into a tourist village because in it there are many spots that are suitable for traveling. Starting from typical Indian food places to buildings or temples with Indian designs. Location: Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro, Madras Hulu, Medan, North Sumatra 20152.

Lake Toba

The fifth recommended tourist spot in Medan is Lake Toba. Who does not know this Lake Toba tour? Of course, this Lake Toba tour has been widely known in various circles and regions. Lake Toba is one of the tourist destinations in the city of Medan that you must visit with your beloved family. Not a few books that have told about Lake Toba, which is the largest lake in Indonesia. Almost every day, this Lake Toba tour is always crowded with visitors, both local and foreign tourists. The tourist location of Lake Toba which is located in the Bukit Barisan mountains makes you and your family also able to enjoy the natural beauty of the Bukit Barisan mountains.

Labyrinth Park Simalem Resort

The sixth recommended tourist spot in Medan is Simalem Labyrinth Park. For those of you who want to have a different holiday experience, then Simalem Labyrinth Resort Park is very worthy to visit. The labyrinth garden is arranged so beautifully and neatly.

Not only that, the trees in the garden area also have a beautiful impression to the eye. You can also play hide and seek while in this park. At the exit, there is also a fountain monument that can refresh the eyes of visitors.

Those are some recommendations for tourist destinations in Medan. Hope it is useful!

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