Hotel Choices for a Luxury Staycation in Singapore

Staycation has now become a holiday style choice. Not only can it be done domestically, staycation can also be done abroad, Toppers. Well, one of the countries that is often a staycation destination is Singapore. In addition to a well-organized city layout, Singapore is also a beautiful city and an orderly population, you know Toppers. No wonder tourists like to visit just for a staycation in Singapore. So, let’s look at the recommendations for a staycation in Singapore that will make your vacation time cool!

Vagabond Hotel

The Vagabond Hotel, which has been around since 2015, is suitable as a destination during a staycation in Singapore. Located on Jalan Syed Alwi, Vagabond Hotel was designed by French interior designer Jacques Garcia which combines color, texture and aesthetic furniture. Featuring a Paris-chic design and lots of photo frames in the room, this hotel is really Instagrammable! Room rates at this Vagabond Hotel start at $260, you know.

Studio M Hotel

The next hotel that is suitable for a staycation while in Singapore is Studio M Hotel. Studio M Hotel as a staycation place is perfect for those of you who don’t need a large space. Enjoy the room space with a loft-inspired and simple design. Studio M Hotel is also close to various shopping centers and cafes for Toppers who want to take a walk while staying there. For a one night stay at this hotel you will only be charged $160.

Rendezvous Hotel

Rendezvous Hotel, which is located in Singapore’s art and cultural district, will give you a pleasant experience with an art-centric theme. While staying at this hotel, you can also visit the museum because it is not far from the national museum and art museum. The design of the rooms at this hotel that looks elegant even more makes anyone comfortable to linger at this hotel. Rendezvous Hotel’s room rate per night is only $180.

The St. Register Singapore

For Toppers who are happy with the classic British interior style, it seems better to choose The St. Regis Singapore Hotel. In each room, there is one press button service which is similar to the style of hotels in England. It’s perfect for Toppers who like to be treated like a Mr/Madam from the kingdom. Toppers can also enjoy a champagne brunch at Brasserie Les Saveurs which is located on the 1st floor of the hotel. With this very luxurious facility, you are only charged $400, you know.

Naumi Liora Hotel

Naumi Liora Hotel, which is located in Chinatown, is perfect for those of you who like to reminisce about the 1920s old town concept. The hotel is housed in an old heritage building along Jalan Keong Saik combining old and modern concepts. Various well-known restaurants can also be found in this area, such as Restaurant Andre, Roosevelt’s Diner, Restaurant Ember as well as many choices of bars such as L’Aiglon. This hotel is only charged $288 per night.

Wangz Hotel

Next, the Wangz Hotel, which is located in the Tiong Bahru district, is perfect for those of you who staycation in Singapore alone. The rooms in this hotel are designed as comfortable as possible with large mirrors that surround the building so that you can see the view outside. Wangz Hotel is also located in an area filled with cafes and restaurants that can be reached by foot, you know Toppers. The room rate per night at this Wangz Hotel is $255.

W Singapore Sentosa Cave

Its location on the pier, is perfect for Toppers who are looking for the beauty of the blue sea from Sentosa Island. W Singapore Sentosa Cave has become a trendsetter for local residents and foreign tourists who like luxury hotels complete with views that are no less beautiful. The food choices offered are also very appetizing, ranging from Skirt Steak, The Kitchen Table and Woobar. You can get this staycation experience for only $380!

Grand Park City Hall

Grand Park City Hall is suitable for you visitors who come for business purposes as well as staycation in Singapore. Located in the city center, Grand Park City Hall is close to the Theaters by The Bay auditorium which is usually used for international singer concerts, you know Toppers. For matters of price, you can enjoy a room at this hotel for $180 per night.

Crowne Plaza Changi

Crowne Plaza Changi is also one of the staycation locations while in Singapore. While most airport hotels are boring in design, Crowne Plaza Changi has a building design that overlooks the runway. By facing the runway, this can be a form of therapy during a staycation in Singapore. The hotel room rate per night is only $245.

Oasia Novena Hotel

Finally, the location for a staycation in Singapore can be done at the Oasia Novena Hotel. Designed by renowned architect Takashi Sugimoto, the hotel’s interior is rich in wood and natural stone elements for a calm and peaceful effect. Oasia Novena Hotel is also equipped with an infinity pool and a club which also provides Oasia specialty blended coffee. The room rate for a staycation at this hotel is only $173 Singapore.

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