Peucang Island Tour, Experience in a Remote Heaven in the West End of Java Island

The Ujung Kulon National Park area which has an area of approximately 122,956 hectares was inaugurated as a World Heritage Site (Natural World Heritage Site) in 1992 by UNESCO. In the same year the area at the westernmost tip of Java Island was also inaugurated as the first National Park owned by Indonesia.

Ujung Kulon National Park is home to the Javan Rhino (One-horned Rhino) population, which is currently one of the rarest mammals on earth. There are only dozens of rhinos left in Ujung Kulon National Park today.

Not only home to the rare one-horned Javan Rhino, Ujung Kulon National Park is also inhabited by other animals such as leopards, bulls, stone cats, deer, green peafowl, wild boar, monitor lizards and many more. Rows of various rare plants also complement the forest ecosystem in Ujung Kulon National Park, Banten.

Ujung Kulon National Park Tourism

Defined as a National Park, of course the hundreds of hectares of Ujung Kulon are not allowed to be inhabited by residents. Nature that grows and develops naturally without human interference forms the National Park into an area of natural beauty.

Quite a number of tourists are curious and interested in wanting to witness and enjoy first hand the beauty of the Ujung Kulon National Park tourist destination, which is of course filled with exciting tourist activities amidst its enchanting natural beauty.

Peucang Island is one of the tourist destinations that tourists must visit while on vacation and fill out tours in the Ujung Kulon National Park, Banten.

One with Nature on Peucang Island

Peucang Island is an island that is always chosen by tourists to find lodging in a series of tourist activities in Ujung Kulon, Banten. However, due to the limited number of accommodations on this island, we have to make a reservation for lodging on Peucang Island long before the date of the tour.

From Sumur beach, travelers go to Peucang Island using traditional boats owned by local fishermen. It takes 3-4 hours by sea to Peucang Island by boat with a passenger capacity of 40-50 people.

Peucang Island has an area of approximately 450 hectares, inhabited by various kinds of wildlife such as deer, long-tailed macaques, wild boar, monitor lizards, and many more. The good growth in the number of herbivores on Peucang Island indicates that there are very few predators in this location.

Lodging on Peucang Island

Not many buildings were built on Peucang Island, there are only a few simple stage design buildings that are used as places to stay and accommodate travelers who want to enjoy tours in the Ujung Kulon National Park, Banten. There is also a Ujung Kulon National Park Posko building which serves as the supervisor of the Peucang Island area as well as the Ujung Kulon National Park information center.

The lodging facilities available on Peucang Island are simple facilities which are of course very different from the hotel facilities found in the city. You must be prepared with the existing facilities if you decide to stay on Peucang Island. However, the availability of sufficient water, simple rooms and mattresses, bathrooms, prayer rooms, and small shops to buy some necessities in sufficient quantities can still be found at this location.