Outfit Ideas When Climbing the Mountain

As in hiking, trekking clothing should be flexible enough to allow you to move and light enough to prevent you from sweating as much as possible.

However, you also want to make sure you pack enough layers to keep yourself warm, dry, and safe; Conditions can change quickly in the mountains, and having protection from the elements can be the difference between life and death.

Well, for that, consider some tips on choosing an outfit to stay trendy when trekking or climbing the following mountains.

Cargo pants as a comfortable bottom for you to use when climbing the mountain

Choosing outdoor pants is not difficult. You only adjust the pants according to the type of terrain you will travel when climbing the mountain.

Yes, climbing must be equipped with adequate equipment. One of them is cargo pants made of waterproof and windproof. These cargo pants will keep your body dry and comfortable to wear that doesn’t limit your range of motion.

You can wear long cut cargo pants and have a model with lots of pockets that can store various small items. We recommend choosing pants with a compact size design, light weight, easy to dry and waterproof overtrousers in the category of heavy rain but still breathable.

Wear hiking boots and bring mountain sandals

Footwear is one of the factors that support comfort when climbing a mountain. However, flat shoes or sneakers obviously won’t be strong if taken on a hike with a fairly dangerous terrain situation.

Therefore, always wear hiking boots because these shoes function optimally to protect your feet when you have to pass through various difficult terrain while climbing. In addition, you can also wear mountain sandals which are more practical.

But remember, don’t choose mountain sandals that have slippery rubber, and try on sandals before buying to make sure the sandals are really comfortable and don’t hurt your feet. Don’t get me wrong again, okay?

Light clothes but still warm

Choosing clothes that are light but still warm is usually the most appropriate choice when climbing. Clothing made of goose or down feathers is the most preferred by climbers because it conveys warmth in cold temperatures.

There is also a thermoball material that keeps it warm even though it is wet with sweat. You can combine the two to make your body more comfortable because they are both lightweight so they won’t overcrowd.

Bring Carrier with Cool Design

To store all the necessities when climbing the mountain, you must bring a carrier or mountain bag. Don’t carry a tote bag that will definitely make you tired and troublesome. The mountain bag has a special system designed for nature lovers.

The special system is that this bag has been adjusted to the size of the back, besides that it is also equipped with straps at the waist and chest. Mountain bags specifically for women are now available with cool colors and designs. You just choose the one that’s right for you!