Educational Vacation Inspiration for Children

Create Holiday Art

The first educational holiday inspiration for children is to make holiday art. From making holiday cards to decorating the house, the holiday season is a great time to keep kids busy creating and creating.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out this list of fun winter crafts, this roundup of 24 awesome Christmas crafts, and these DIY Hanukkah crafts and gifts.

Sharpen Your Skills with Vacation Math Activities

The second inspiration for educational holidays for children is to hone children’s skills. Practice math facts with this fun Christmas math game, or try this holiday math challenge. Remember cutting paper snowflakes? Try this version that turns this classic holiday craft into a math lesson.

Math is also easy to incorporate into your usual holiday activities. Cooking a favorite holiday recipe together (measuring ingredients is a great math exercise) or budgeting for gifts are great ways to sharpen those practical math skills.

Learn About Other Cultures

The third inspiration for educational holidays for children is to learn about other cultures. Education World has a great list of lessons, recipes, and activities for the December international holiday. And for Christmas, try this idea and create a Venn diagram comparing different cultural Christmas traditions.

Use the Kitchen as a Study Tool

The last educational holiday inspiration for children is to use the kitchen as a learning tool. Kitchens can offer great teaching and learning experiences. Whether reading recipes, measuring ingredients, or learning about temperature, giving your child the opportunity to actively participate in creating your family’s delicious holiday treats is a great opportunity to sharpen math and reading skills. Plus, you’ll get a great new sous chef!