Cities in Norway that you must visit when on vacation Part 1

Norway is a country in Europe that is full of unimaginable beauty and is very interesting to explore. This is because, Norway is known for its stunning mountains, beautiful fjords (bays made of melted glaciers), and stunning lakes. Apart from that, Norway also has vibrant cities, which offer a number of attractions and activities that tourists are sure to enjoy, with remnants of a Viking settlement, fantastic museums and several bars. If you are planning to vacation in Europe, then it never hurts to include Norway on your list.

Here are some cities in Norway that you must visit while on vacation.


Bergen is a city that was once the capital of Norway. The city is situated in a spectacular location and you are sure to love the views that surround it. The city of Bergen is surrounded by seven hills, as well as seven fjords, brightly colored city buildings and some fantastic wooden houses in the city center that were used for commerce in the past. With several well-equipped art museums, a lively music scene, and lively nightlife, Bergen has a fun atmosphere to explore. Some of these factors make Bergen a city in Norway that you must visit while on vacation.


Haugesund is a small town in Norway that was once an important fishing port. However, at this time, it was the oil industry that was driving Haugesund and keeping the city moving forward. The city has a fairly lively atmosphere as it is located in a waterfront area surrounding which there are several interesting bars and restaurants that are worthy of a visit. Since the area has been inhabited for thousands of years, there are many interesting historical sights for you to explore. In this city, you can visit ancient churches and viking farms to be truly amazing.


Oslo is the capital city of Norway filled with extraordinary architectural designs with a contemporary feel. When you’re in Oslo, you can visit educational museums, interesting galleries and enjoy amazing works of art. The city is next to the sea, with surrounding mountains making Oslo a beautiful city. In this city you can also go skiing, jungle trekking or sailing along the waters of the Oslo fjord in no time.


Did you know that Tonsberg is actually the oldest city in all of Norway. If you’re looking for a historical-themed tourist city, then Tonsberg is the right place. In this city, you can visit an amazing old castle, several Viking ruins and graves, as well as a cool museum with a blue whale skeleton inside.


Trondheim is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. The town is also a pleasant place to stroll, as it is surrounded by forest-covered hills and sparkling waterways surrounding its colorful buildings and a picturesque old harbour. In addition, in this city there is also a stunning medieval cathedral. There is a calming feeling about the atmosphere of the streets and when people are leisurely going about their lives. You can also visit museums, great restaurants and cafes offering Norwegian specialties.