Famous Tourist Destinations in Western Europe Part 2


If you want to explore an amazing city and give a different impression, maybe Zurich can be one of the tourist destinations in Western Europe that can answer that.

Tourist Attractions In Switzerland this one is known as the economic center city in Switzerland. But this city also has many interesting things so it is suitable to be explored. There are many attractions in this city.

Some tourist attractions can even be visited for free. Those of you who are looking to save on costs while on vacation, can enter some of these free attractions. This city is located in the northern part of Switzerland and has a quite different feel.

Seine River Cruise

The Seine River or the Seine River is a river that divides Paris. This river is a commercial waterway in Paris and is also often visited as a Western European tourist attraction.

There are boats that tourists can take to explore this beautiful river. From traveling by boat, tourists can observe the city of Paris in a different way.

Tourists can also find several landmarks of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, Museum, and so on from the ship. The beautiful and well-arranged views of Paris will make you feel at home to travel there.

Eiffel Tower

It’s incomplete if you don’t make the Eiffel Tower one of the must-visit tours in Western Europe. Tourist attractions in Paris this one is already famous to all corners of the world.

The tower which has a height of up to 325 meters is indeed beautiful and is one of the landmarks of Paris, even France. This tower is often visited by tourists and tourists can also go up to the tower.

At the top of the tower are Parisian restaurants and eateries. In addition there are also some luxurious places for a romantic meal with your partner. In addition, the view of Paris from above can be enjoyed.

The Louvre Museum

Are you a lover of art and historical objects? Maybe you can visit this museum as one of the tours in Western Europe. Where this museum is a popular museum in Paris.

Inside is the work of Leonardo Da Vinci which is very popular, namely the Monalisa painting. In addition, this museum is the largest National Museum in Paris. This museum is the most visited museum.

At least there are approximately 15,000 visitors per day. In addition, this museum also stores some ancient objects from Greece, Rome and Egypt. There are also some penda relics of Islamic civilization in the past.

Arc De Triomphoe

One of the places in Paris France that is also popular with tourists while in Western Europe is the Arc De Triomphoe. This one place is a testament to the history of Paris.

Arc De Triomphe means the arc of victory. Where this monument was erected to honor the services of La Grande Armee in winning the battle in 1805 at Austerlitz.

This monument also has an impressive European artistic value. Visitors can see some of the relics of the First World War in this museum. the top can also give you a beautiful view of Paris.

The Obelisk

The Obelisk is one of the old monuments in Paris. This monument has a height of about 22 meters and weighs up to 250 tons. This monument is one of the obelisks outside the Egyptian temple of Luxor.

Today the Oberlisk monument is in the Place de la Concorde square complex. This monument is made of red granite. there are Egyptian hieroglyphs depicting Ramses II and Ramses III.

The top is a pyramid cover. The cover is decorated with gold leaf. This one place is indeed quite popular and might also attract your desire to visit it while in Paris.