Famous Tourist Destinations in Western Europe Part 1

Traveling to Continental Europe may be the dream of some people. Europe does have its own charm for tourists from various parts of the world. One that is often visited is Western Europe where in Western Europe there are many popular countries that are often used as tourist destinations. Here are some famous tourist destinations in Western Europe that you might want to visit.

Keukenhof Garden

One country you might want to explore is the Netherlands. This country is famous for its very famous flower garden, namely the Keukenhof Garden. The location is approximately 45 minutes from Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

This most beautiful flower garden in the world has an area of ​​approximately 32 hectares. There are approximately 7 million flowers blooming every spring. You can visit there from March to May for more amazing views.

This flower garden will provide a beautiful view. There are so many types of flowers grown in this garden. Usually there will also be a certain festival in this flower garden.

Dam Square

Still in the Netherlands, there is a tour in Western Europe that is also popular, namely Dam Square. Dam Square is in Amsterdam and close to Amsterdam Centraal Station. This location is the historical center of Amsterdam.

Actually Dam Square is a kind of Amsterdam city square which consists of several buildings that are quite important and famous in Amsterdam. There is also a National Monument that you can visit.

Strolling the streets of Dam Square will give you a distinct impression. Where typical European buildings will look magnificent. Besides that, there are also shopping centers, places to eat, and so on.

Lake Titise

Want to travel to the nature of Western Europe? You can visit a lake in southern Germany, namely Lake Titise. Tourist attractions in Germany this one has an area of ​​approximately 1.3 square kilometers.

Surrounded by the Black Forest forest, this lake will be a truly natural natural destination to be explored. Where there you can also enjoy a very original black forest cake.

Lake Titise itself has a height of about 858 meters above sea level so the temperature there is very cool and the air is also clean. There are many activities that can be done there such as surfing, sailing, swimming, and other sports.

Rhina Falls

Still about nature tourism, you can visit one of the beautiful waterfalls in Switzerland, namely the Rhina Falls waterfall. This waterfall is a popular tourist attraction in Schaffhausen Switzerland.

This waterfall is a waterfall with a width of 150 meters and a height of about 23 meters. The scenery that will be obtained is certainly very beautiful. In July, the level of this waterfall will be at the highest level.

There are many activities to do there. You can go up to the coral island in the middle of the river to enjoy the view. But if it’s busy, visitors have to take turns to go up to the coral island.