Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles that You Must Visit part 2

Walk of Fame

This place is another landmark of the city of Los Angeles. A 15-block walkway on Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks on Vine Street. This is where the names of public figures are enshrined. Not only international actresses and actors, but singers, directors, producers to cartoon characters are here. The names of the public figures are written on terrazzo and brass. There are currently more than 2750 names on the Walk of Fame.

If you visit here, you can buy souvenirs from the Walk of Fame. Because this place is located near the highway. If you wanted to come to this place, with what name would you take your picture?

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

This place is an art museum located on Wilshire Boulevard. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is the largest art museum in the western United States. There are more than 150,000 works of art throughout history to date. The artworks on display not only come from America, but also many works of art that come from Greece, China to Egypt.

The museum is open every day except Thursday, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can find art collections from China, Korea and Japan such as statues and antique ceramics in the Asia Art area. Not only that, you can also find works of Islamic calligraphy at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The Islamic Art area comes from Persian and Turkish artists. The collection at LACMA is indeed very complete. In this place there are nine areas that display different works of art. To get to this location you can use Metro 20 & 720 and get off at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avanue. From here you can easily find LACMA.

The Grammy Museum

Are you a music lover??? Surely this place is perfect for you. The Grammy Museum is an interactive and educational museum about the history and winners of the Grammy Awards. If you arrive at this place, you will get a lot of information about the Grammy Awards through the latest multimedia such as touch screens, videos and recording booths.

The Grammy Museum carries the concept of the triumph of music in its era. Originally the museum was dedicated to the memory of the Grammy Award winners. Through this museum, you can learn about the genre and history of music. Not only that, this museum also has a collection of objects of historical value such as costumes, musical instruments, song lyrics with original writings, vinyl records to audio and video recordings. To visit The Grammy Museum, you can take the Metro Blue or Expo Line and get off at Pico Station then walk two minutes.

Santa Monica

The western part of Los Angeles, you can directly come into contact with the water. In this location you can visit many beaches, such as: Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Malibu. Don’t worry if you haven’t found the souvenir you want to buy, the streets to the beach are lined with shops and restaurants.

When you stop by Santa Monica, don’t forget to stop by the pier whose gate is often highlighted on your TV screen when there is a broadcast about Los Angeles. Santa Monica is an area on the coast of Los Angeles. In this place you will be offered urban energy and a dynamic city atmosphere. National Geographic named Santa Monica as one of the 10 cities with the best beaches in the world. Santa Monica Beach is a magnet for tourists. Many activities you can do here, such as swimming, surfing or just playing beach volleyball. Towards evening, the choice to enjoy the sunset in Santa Monica makes you feel at home for long in this place.