Tourism Places In Qatar Make Heart Thread Part 2

Tourism Places In Qatar we continue to discuss Tourist Places in Qatar, there are many tourist attractions in Qatar that are good and beautiful

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a tourist destination that is currently very popular in the Middle East. This is the tallest skyscraper in the world that had caused Qatar to go into debt due to the large construction costs required. Completed construction, the slump seems to have been cured because the Burj Khalifa has become an icon of Qatar that attracts the attention of tourists around the world. This building is the pride of the people of Qatar.

Fort Al-Zubara

In the past, this fort became a military base which was an important building for the native Qataris. It was founded in 1938 and is still interesting because it has archaeological and architectural value. Around the fort area, there is a shopping center suitable for asking for Qatari souvenirs.

Tourism Places In Qatar Katara Mosque Doha

In terms of breadth and majesty, it is not as big and grand as other mosques in the world. Even so, this mosque comes with a unique combination of colors, designs and floors. The floor of the mosque comes from the majority of the Shia floors. Those who get permission to enter this mosque are those who are symbols of Arab, African and Persian traditions.

Qatar National Museum

This museum is the palace of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani which comes with an extraordinarily beautiful architectural design. At first glance, the building does not look like a museum in general. In this museum, several exhibitions are held every year.

Tourism Places In Qatar Desert Safari

This Qatar tourist spot offers the exotic Qatar desert. Stay cool! You will not feel hot, let alone have to hold your thirst in this tourist spot. In addition to exploring the beauty of the desert while taking selfies, you can travel around the desert by renting a camel, four-wheeled vehicle together with an experienced tour guide who will arrange a vehicle that is suitable for you to use as well as food.

Kaseem Darwish Fakhroo Islamic Tourism Places In Qatar

The structure of the building is spiral shaped so it is different from the building in general. This building received positive appreciation from the community and the world which was built in 2005 after the destruction of Samarra Iraq. Come on, visit Kaseem Darwish Fakhroo Islamic and at the same time climb the spiral-shaped tower. From above, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that spreads below.

The Corniche, Doha

The Corniche is for those of you who want to enjoy an open and fresh space. Yes, this is the best place to spend time in this city with their respective legal partners. Walking on the shores of the Corniche with its curved boulevard is a fun activity. There is green grass on the beach, and it is quite close to another tourist destination, namely the Museum of Islamic Art.