Famous Cafe In Venice Good For Hanging Out Part 2

Famous Cafe In Venice Although coffee was first consumed in Ethiopia and roasted in Yemen, it was Venice who first popularized the trade in coffee beans and the drink.

Caffe Lavena

The history of Caffe Lavena can be traced back to 1750, which makes it one of the most famous and oldest cafes in Venice. The location itself is at the base of the clock tower near the Basilica in Piazza San Marco.

Formerly, Caffe Lavena was known as Caffe dei Foresti or “Foreigner’s Cafe” due to its popularity among international visitors. Its name only changed to Caffe Lavena which survives today after it was bought by Carlo Lavena in 1860, which still retains its original architecture and furniture. Its authenticity has survived to this day, so Caffe Lavena remains a historic location in Venice.

Harry’s Bar

Compared to other famous cafes in Venice, Harry’s Bar can be called a “baby” because it only opened in 1931. In 2001, Harry’s Bar was lined up as a national monument.

As you might have guessed, Harry’s Bar is more like a bar and restaurant than a cafe. Even so, this location is still very worth visiting to sip its delicious coffee or enjoy a cocktail, while enjoying its unique atmosphere. Moreover, Harry’s Bar is also a favorite of many artists, writers, and actors such as Charlie Chaplin, Truman Capote, and Orson Welles. Plus Harry’s Bar is also the birthplace of the very popular Bellini cocktail.

Caffe del Doge

Caffe del Doge is located close to the Rialto Bridge with charming architecture that spoils the eye. First operating in the 1950’s, this cafe offers a diverse menu with a large selection of different roasts and coffee beans.

To indulge coffee lovers, Caffe del Doge uses an artisan roast that can be easily recognized by the unique aroma when the coffee is brewed. You can also choose between single or blend bean roast according to your taste.

Marchini Time Famous Cafe In Venice

As you pass Marchini Time, you’ll definitely notice how many people come in and out of this cafe. And if you look or go inside, you can find that Marchini Time was not designed with rows of tables and chairs to hang out.

Inside, you will only find a counter where you can order espresso plus a sweet dish to take away (takeaway). If you plan to visit Venice with a partner or friend who doesn’t like coffee, Marchini Time is definitely an option. Here, you can even find a menu of chocolate-covered strawberries to various types of pastries.

Torrefazione Cannaregio

One of the most famous cafes in Venice, this one is the one that exists in people’s fantasies: the brick walls that surround the place combined with mahogany shelves display a collection of coffee roasts from around the world — Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and many more.

This cafe also offers a very comfortable atmosphere, especially with the aroma of coffee that spreads throughout the cafe. And you can also bring those nuances back home because Torrefazione Cannaregio offers packaged coffee beans.

Rosa Salva Famous Cafe In Venice

Rosa Salva first operated in 1870 and is still active today. Here, you can enjoy an espresso to start your day while observing the hustle and bustle of Venice’s activities.

Here, you can also find a large selection of pastries to accompany your espresso, from plain croissants to bomboloni with different fillings — cream, jam, or chocolate. Rosa Salva also serves refreshing homemade gelato and is suitable to be enjoyed when you are on vacation with family.

Caffe Rosso Famous Cafe In Venice

Meanwhile, Caffe Rosso is a famous cafe in Venice which is most often visited by young hipsters and college students who visit to spend time partying or just relaxing around Campo Santa Margherita. You can enjoy the coffee in the morning or evening to start or end your day.

Cafe Rosso itself has been operating since the 1800s. And you’ll definitely have no trouble finding the location because the red exterior walls are iconic among Venice residents.