Destinations You Must Visit in Mandalika

Mandalika is a tourist area of 1,035 hectares in Central Lombok Regency, Indonesia. Mandalika has been inaugurated as a Special Economic Zone for tourism, meaning that this area will be the most fun vacation spot in Lombok because it will be equipped with various hotels and recreational facilities.

Seger Beach

To the east of Kuta Beach, there is such a thing as Seger Beach with a shape like a cape. Pantai Seger follows the popularity of Kuta Beach because it has an annual event.

Yes, the Bau Nyale Festival takes place in the Seger Beach area. Residents meet Seger Beach to look for the incarnation of Putri Nyale worm, once a year. On this beach there is the Putri Nyale monument which adds to the beautiful decoration.

Serenting Beach

Serenting Beach is to the east of Seger Beach. The coastline is longer than Seger Beach. Serenting Beach is also an area included in the Bau Nyale Festival.

If Seger Beach is too full of residents and tourists during the Bau Nyale Festival, they will spill over to Serenting Beach. Serenting Beach is no less beautiful.

Merese Hill

You could say Merese Hill is the best spot to enjoy the view of Mandalika from a height. Merese Hill is located between Serenting Beach and Tanjung Aan Beach.

The trip up the hill is also fun and burns calories. This hill is also quite large in area, so there are many choices of places and backgrounds for taking pictures. Looking towards Tanjung Aan or at Serenting Beach, all are equally beautiful.

Tanjung Aan Beach

To the east of Merese Hill is Tanjung Aan Beach. White sand stretches out on the curved coastline like this crescent moon. Running along the beach is really fun.

Tanjung Aan Beach is a favorite of tourists because it is quieter than Kuta Beach, but the scenery is more beautiful. Swings by the sea are a favorite for tourist photos.

Umbrella Stone

At the eastern end of Tanjung Aan Beach there is a unique natural phenomenon called Batu Payung. It is a rock formed naturally by erosion, scouring seawater and wind scouring thousands of years.

There is a coral formation shaped like a fungus. Or if local residents call it like an umbrella bud. From there the name Umbrella Stone was born. Don’t forget to visit and take photos there!

Gerupuk Beach

At the easternmost tip of Mandalika is Gerupuk Beach. So, this is the best surfing spot in Mandalika. At Gerupuk Beach, there are several surf camps for tourists who want to have a vacation while trying out the waves.

Wave levels vary, so even beginners can play here. But if you don’t want to surf, it’s okay. Gerupuk Beach can be enjoyed as well as other beaches in Mandalika