The Most Unique Disneyland Facilities in Various Countries

Disneyland is a tourist destination that is able to make a person’s imaginations and childhood dreams come true. With a variety of unique and fun experiences on offer, Disneyland is a location that has various facilities at the playground, various restaurants and even hotels that you can experience when you visit this tourist destination.

Known as a tourist destination in the form of entertainment, Disneyland is able to make its visitors happy and amazed with its various experiences and unique facilities. Come on, see what Disneyland facilities are in various countries!

Hong Kong Disneyland Newcastle

In celebrating its 15th birthday, Hong Kong Disneyland managed to turn Sleeping Beauty Castle into a Castle of Magical Dreams which officially opened in November 2020. Well, this new castle has 14 towers which are an amalgamation of various stories from each Disney princess, you know.

In addition, the new castle is equipped with a reception hall, jewelry shop, exhibition hall, as well as an audio tour guide that can provide Disneyland visitors with information about castle architecture.

Club 33

Club 33 is one of the exclusive clubs owned by Disneyland, where the club is spread in several locations around the world. Inside this club, you can find an open courtyard, a glass elevator, as well as a main dining room which is on the second floor and is next to a jazz club themed lounge.

Well, if you are interested in becoming a special member of this club, then you need to be patient because this club has a waiting list that opens and closes quickly, due to high demand.

Apart from that, you also need to pay an initiation fee which opens from 25 thousand to 100 thousand dollars, as well as an annual fee which reaches 12,500 to 30 thousand dollars, depending on the membership level you take.

Star Wars Hotel

Walt Disney World Resort Florida will soon launch a Star Wars-themed Galactic Starcruiser Resort. Here, you can spend two nights going on an adventure in the world of Star Wars.

When you’re on a ship, you’ll live in a cabin that resembles a ship, experience dining on board, and interact with the cast and crew members that will make you feel like you’re in a galaxy.

In addition, through each Starcruiser window, you can see a galactic view that will always change as the ship moves from one place to another, you know.

1901 Lounge

Another exclusive club owned by Disney is the 1901 Lounge. This club is only available to platinum members and executives of Club 33, and is named after Walt Disney’s birth year.

Inside, visitors will be transported back to the 1930s. This is because this club has decorations filled with artwork from the early journey of this filmmaker’s animation studio, you know.

Premium dining experience

Disney regularly offers several premium dining experiences to Club 33 members, which are unique experiences that you must try.

One experience you can try is the Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari, where you can enjoy a gourmet breakfast along the green riverbank and get a photo souvenir from the guest captain who leads.

With a variety of unique and fun experiences, you can add the five facilities above to your vacation list when you visit Disneyland. Which Disneyland’s unique facilities do you like the most?