Traveling is a fun activity. Travel lovers get their passion for life back when they visit beautiful and charming new tourist attractions. The opportunity to explore tourist attractions around the world is an opportunity not to be missed. Especially if you have the opportunity to explore beautiful tourist destinations around the world, one of which is in Qatar. Yes, this is part of the Middle East region which provides an overview of interesting tourist attractions that are designed with advanced technology and are located in the middle of a stretch of desert. That is the reason why Qatar’s tourist attractions are always the target of tourists, not only domestic tourists, but from various countries. Then, where are the interesting tourist destinations in Qatar? Listen!

Palm Tree Tourist Destinations in Qatar

Palm Tree Artificial Island is a tourist destination that attracts many foreign tourists. Has a design similar to tourist attractions in Singapore with a model that resembles a palm tree. Yup, that’s the reason why this tourist spot is called the Palm Tree Artificial Island. Among the many tourist areas that you can find in the middle east, Palm Tree Artificial Island is an island that attracts many tourists because …

Worldwide Tourist Places in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that is rich in natural beauty, from Sabang to Merauke we can get very stunning tourist attractions. Indonesia has become a favorite place for vacations for foreign tourists, several Hollywood stars have enjoyed the beauty of Indonesian tourism.

The best tourist attractions in Indonesia certainly have their own beauty that other places do not have. This is what certainly makes many people interested in visiting it. Starting from tourist attractions in the form of highlands even to tourist areas with beautiful oceans you can find in Indonesia.

Nusa Penida Bali

Bali is already famous to foreign countries. Starting from Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, and Tanah Lot. There is another famous tourist spot in Bali that is popular in the world today, its name is Nusa Penida. This tourist spot is the right choice for those of you who like to do Island Hoping and connoisseurs of underwater beauty by snorkeling. The beauty of the beaches of Nusa Penida and the surrounding small islands, makes you feel at home on vacation there.

Danau Toba

Lake Toba has long been known as one of the favorite Indonesian tourist attractions that have been frequently visited since the 1980s, you …