Raja Ampat, a world adventure paradise in the tip of Papua

A glimpse of the mind wanders and a beautiful painting appears. The open sea with coral islands that are neatly arranged welcomes a few dolphins jumping cheerfully. The blue sky combines with the beautiful ripples of the waves combing every white sand on the shore. The fresh air blowing boisterously guarantees the natural coolness typical of green tropical forests. The sound of the seagulls sounded beautiful as if singing and thanking this amazing sight. From inside the water, various beautiful colored fish adorn the live rocks that dance gracefully. This is a real life paradise on earth.

The description of a beautiful place above is not a dream, everything is real and really is. Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, Indonesia is the place. The archipelago, which is located at the northwestern tip of the island of Papua, is well known as a “gold mine” for adventure enthusiasts. Meanwhile, for divers inside and outside Indonesia, Raja Ampat is considered a paradise that cannot be expressed in words. The only way to prove these various opinions is to come and enjoy “the pearl” at the tip of Papua.

Raja Ampat is a district and is part of the Province of West Papua. …