Thousand Islands Has Various Tourist Destinations in Jakarta, Indonesia

Thousand Island Tourism Destinations which have various islands that can be visited, ranging from Resort Island, Population Island to empty islands, many of the islands in the Thousand Islands are often visited, the facilities on the islands in the Thousand Islands are quite entertaining the tourists who visit the thousand island. The destination of the Thousand Islands is an archipelago that has a marine natural conservation area in Indonesia which is very exotic for its underwater beauty, the Thousand Islands which have natural resources, namely the natural beauty of the sea with coral ecosystems that color the beauty of the sea such as coral reefs, ornamental fish, etc. .

The destination of Seribu Island, which is in the northern part of DKI Jakarta Province, consists of several islands that are often visited by foreign and local tourists, the Thousand Islands have water sport facilities and can also snorkel and dive. Marine tourism activities that can be carried out in the national park include scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, educational tours, etc. Thousand Island has several water sport facilities and also has snorkeling and diving equipment so that tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater world such as coral reefs …

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Peucang Island Tour, Experience in a Remote Heaven in the West End of Java Island

The Ujung Kulon National Park area which has an area of approximately 122,956 hectares was inaugurated as a World Heritage Site (Natural World Heritage Site) in 1992 by UNESCO. In the same year the area at the westernmost tip of Java Island was also inaugurated as the first National Park owned by Indonesia.

Ujung Kulon National Park is home to the Javan Rhino (One-horned Rhino) population, which is currently one of the rarest mammals on earth. There are only dozens of rhinos left in Ujung Kulon National Park today.

Not only home to the rare one-horned Javan Rhino, Ujung Kulon National Park is also inhabited by other animals such as leopards, bulls, stone cats, deer, green peafowl, wild boar, monitor lizards and many more. Rows of various rare plants also complement the forest ecosystem in Ujung Kulon National Park, Banten.

Ujung Kulon National Park Tourism

Defined as a National Park, of course the hundreds of hectares of Ujung Kulon are not allowed to be inhabited by residents. Nature that grows and develops naturally without human interference forms the National Park into an area of natural beauty.

Quite a number of tourists are curious and interested in wanting to witness and …

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Parai Tenggiri Beach, The Primadona of Bangka Who Makes You Fall in Love

The Bangka Belitung Islands have long been known to have many cool beaches, especially following the popularity of the film ‘Laskar Pelangi’. One that I will discuss this time is Parai Tenggiri Beach. In this destination in the east of South Sumatra, Friend Traveler can not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but also do paintball battles!

Named by President Soekarno

Formerly this beach was known as Hakok. The title Parai Tenggiri is said to have been first given by Ir Soekarno, the figure of the proclaimer and first president of the Republic of Indonesia.

This destination is located in Matras Village, Sinar Baru Village, Sungailiat District, Bangka Regency. The distance is about 43 kilometers from Pangkalpinang. It takes a travel time of between 43-60 minutes if using the land route.

When I stopped by here, I decided to enjoy the beauty of the beach while enjoying various attractive facilities at Parai Beach Resort & Spa. If you are not a guest, you only need to pay a ticket of IDR 25,000, including snacks, to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Its beauty makes you fall in love

As soon as they arrive, Friend Traveler will immediately fall in love …

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Way Kambas National Park

The National Park area is indeed one of the areas that can be visited. Apart from being a lesson about flora and fauna, the nature of the National Park makes the atmosphere and cool air always an unforgettable memory. Indonesia, has many exotic national parks and must be visited.

Way Kambas National Park, located in Lampung, is one of the tourist attractions that must be looked at. Here, there is a diversity of flora and fauna that can be listened to, studied, and maybe also used as selfie friends. Intrigued by this area, let’s take a look at the exploration below.

Profile of Way Kambas National Park

This is a place that can be said as a paradise on the island of South Sumatra. To be precise, it is located in Lampung Province. With rows of lowland forests, freshwater swamp forests, grasslands, thickets, coastal forests and also wild animals that act adorable.

The area of this area is approximately 125,000 hectares. Interestingly, most of this area is still jungle forest. Here, tourists will be presented with Sumatran elephants which can be said to be the icon of this place. Understandably, currently the Sumatran Elephants are almost extinct.

This place was …

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tourist destinations in the Anambas Islands

What makes us interested in traveling to the Anambas Islands? What has Anambas presented to us to make this adventure memorable? Here are some things that managed to captivate and reassure my soul while at Anambas:


It is one of the main islands of 255 islands scattered in the Anambas Islands. That afternoon the fast ferry I was riding docked here at Letung Harbor, Berhala Island. On this island I stayed for 4 days. Stay at the Miranti Inn with its flagship restaurant facing the sea, then explore the beauty of the mainland of Jemaja Island.

Some of the land attractions that can be visited here include the beach with the longest line in the Riau Islands, namely Padang Melang Beach. Then the village which is synonymous with a stretch of rice fields, Bukit Padi Village, Kuala Maras Village, and Neraja Waterfall, a waterfall that flows through terraced rocks and empties into a natural pool.


Moving on from Jemaja, I continued crossing to the largest island in the Anambas Islands, namely Siantan Island. It is also on this island that the capital of the Anambas Islands, Tarempa. That’s why this island feels more “alive” and noisy than Jemaja. …

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Anambas Islands, Riau, Indonesia

Big waves continued to rage and threw themselves, alternating left and right hitting the glass. When the water is drowning on the right, it feels like the water is drowning, as well as when it comes from the left side, as if it is about to devour the ship that I am currently riding. All the passengers also seemed to have collapsed. Even the mini waitress at the boat restaurant in front was nodding behind her mask. I’m still trying to make peace with my body, even though it’s no longer clear what it feels like. All mixed up. Taken to sleep, sit, brake, pray, apply oil, drink, snack, nothing works. I have made every effort to remain calm. But the ferocity of the waves of the South China Sea is really outrageous. Unable to stand it, I finally staggered to reach the toilet. Towards the sink that says “Place of Vomiting”. Put out all the contents of the stomach shaken because of the sea crossing for 7 hours.

Just before 4pm, I finally got off the boat and set foot for the first time in Indonesia’s frontier, Anambas Islands. It’s my trip this time crazy. Come to the middle …

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Interesting things in the Ngarai Sianok of West Sumatra

For visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of Ngarai Sianok from Taman Panorama, can use the gazebo while watching monkeys playing in the park. In addition, there is a 20 meter high tower near the souvenir shops. A place where visitors can see the beauty of the Sianok canyon more clearly. Or if they are still lacking, visitors can travel 2 KM by private car to the small settlements and rice fields below the canyon.

Panorama park ngarai sianok

The main purpose of tourists who stop at the mainstay tourist attraction of Bukittinggi, generally is to see a panoramic view of the Sianok Gorge against the background of Mount Singgalang. For this reason, this garden facility was built. A garden that is strategically positioned on one of the cliff edges.

From this location the canyon landcape can be perfectly observed. Especially after being perfected with the construction of a tower of view and instagramable photo spots.

For those who bring children, there is also a playground for them.

The Beauty of the Bottom of the ngarai

The location is in the canyon, Kayukubu Village, Guguk Panjang, Bukittinggi Indonesia. The part of the scenery that is a pity to miss …

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Panorama of Ngarai Sianok, Admiring the Carvings of the Creator

Bukittinggi is famous as a highland city which is famous for its hilly natural contours. The natural conditions around this city become an individual gift for this city with cool air. Apart from being blessed with fertile land, this city has a very beautiful natural panorama in almost all directions, so that it becomes an attraction for the tourism sector. One example of this beauty is the panorama offered around Ngarai Sianok.

Ngarai Sianok is an eternal valley with steep hills with a small river in the middle. The contours of the Sianok Valley were formed due to the process of descending part of the earth’s plate, causing a fault in the form of a steep ravine.

This canyon stretches for 15 km from the south side of Nagari Koto Gadang to Nagari Sianok Enam Suku, with a cliff depth of up to 100 meters and a gap width of about 200 meters.

This fault in Sianok is part of the Semangko Fault which divides Sumatra Island into two parts extending from Aceh to Semangka Bay in Lampung. The Semangko fault itself is the location of the fault that forms the Bukit Barisan Mountains.

Sianok canyon is the clearest visual …

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This beauty can only be found in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is the prima donna for the world of Indonesian tourism. Its popularity has spread to local tourists to foreign tourists. Many foreign tourists are amazed by the natural beauty of Raja Ampat. His name is also famous in various countries and various circles.

One of the tourist attractions in Indonesia has an extraordinary underwater beauty. Located in Waisai Regency, West Papua Province, Raja Ampat has 610 very beautiful islands, including the islands of Misool, Salawati, Balanta and Waigeo.

However, of these islands, only 35 are inhabited, while the rest are unspoiled and have not even been named.

This is the charm that you can only find in Raja Ampat :

The best diving spots

The beauty under the sea of Raja Ampat cannot be doubted. This location is the best diving and snorkeling spot in the world. As much as 75% of the world’s marine life is on this island. Isn’t that amazing? You must try to dive in these waters and start to explore the underwater world. This diving spot is in Arborek Village.

Apart from diving, you can also interact directly with local residents while enjoying the beauty of the village that is served. The people …

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Raja Ampat, a world adventure paradise in the tip of Papua

A glimpse of the mind wanders and a beautiful painting appears. The open sea with coral islands that are neatly arranged welcomes a few dolphins jumping cheerfully. The blue sky combines with the beautiful ripples of the waves combing every white sand on the shore. The fresh air blowing boisterously guarantees the natural coolness typical of green tropical forests. The sound of the seagulls sounded beautiful as if singing and thanking this amazing sight. From inside the water, various beautiful colored fish adorn the live rocks that dance gracefully. This is a real life paradise on earth.

The description of a beautiful place above is not a dream, everything is real and really is. Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, Indonesia is the place. The archipelago, which is located at the northwestern tip of the island of Papua, is well known as a “gold mine” for adventure enthusiasts. Meanwhile, for divers inside and outside Indonesia, Raja Ampat is considered a paradise that cannot be expressed in words. The only way to prove these various opinions is to come and enjoy “the pearl” at the tip of Papua.

Raja Ampat is a district and is part of the Province of West Papua. …

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