Eco-Friendly Tourism Will Become a Traveling Trend After the Pandemic Ends

In the midst of a quarantine period that doesn’t know when it will end, the world of tourism has plummeted from an economic point of view. However, actually found a positive trend from the world of traveling which tends to choose eco-friendly tourism.

As many as 93 percent of Indonesian tourists think that environmentally friendly tourism is quite important for them. While 72 percent said they are committed to choosing sustainable options when traveling after the pandemic ends.

With the establishment of eco-friendly tourism, as many as 76 percent of tourists claim to live a more environmentally friendly daily life. Unfortunately, there are still tourists who don’t understand how and find eco-friendly tourism options. So there is still an opportunity for tourism industry players to provide education about this environmentally friendly tourism option.

The development and improvement of this traveling trend not only has an impact on more environmentally friendly accommodation options, but also the formation of the character of tourists who are more environmentally friendly. What does it look like?

Eco-friendly accommodation options

Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, found that 98 percent of Indonesian travelers plan to stay in eco-friendly accommodations. Of the 78 percent of tourists who have stayed in eco-friendly accommodations, 51 percent of them feel they help reduce the negative impact on the environment.

In the accommodation facilities themselves, a clearer image is applied by exploring new ways to practice the eco-friendly concept. Starting from reducing the use of plastic to saving water and energy.

Caring tourists

The concept of being environmentally friendly is not only formed in lodging and tourist destinations. But it has been since tourists want to go to tourist destinations. Where 34 percent of tourists choose to use public transportation, such as trains rather than cars to reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition, it was found that it was possible for tourists to explore less frequently visited destinations with alternative modes of transportation to get to their destinations.

Efforts to be plastic free

It has become the main destination of tourists all over the world. 48 percent of Indonesian tourists also tend to bring their own drinking water bottles instead of buying bottled water when visiting a destination. In addition, is also testing several features that allow properties to avoid using single-use plastic. For example, by not using plastic straws, cooking utensils, glassware, not providing toiletries with plastic bottles or stopping using bottled water in the accommodation.