Escape the Ordinary: Adventure Travel that Inspires and Challenges

Everyone deserves a break from the ordinary routine of life, and what better way to do so than by embarking on an adventure? Adventure travel is all about getting out of your comfort zone, experiencing new things, and challenging yourself physically and mentally. Whether it’s hiking through the wilderness, whitewater rafting down raging rapids, or exploring ancient ruins, adventure travel is a great way to escape the ordinary and live life to the fullest.

Adventure travel can inspire you in ways you never thought possible. It can help you gain a new perspective on the world and push you to break out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s climbing a mountain, diving into the depths of the ocean, or cycling through the countryside, adventure travel can help you appreciate the beauty and majesty of the natural world and inspire you to make lasting changes in your life.

One of the best things about adventure travel is that it can be tailored to suit any level of fitness or experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, there is an adventure out there for you. From gentle hikes through scenic landscapes to adrenalin-fueled activities like bungee jumping or skydiving, …

Adventuring with Purpose: Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Adventuring with a purpose is a trending phenomenon that has become an alternative leisure activity for people of ages, races and socio-economic status. It’s a fulfilling way to explore new territories and new cultures, make a difference in the world and learn new skills. In this article, we will discuss volunteer opportunities abroad and how it enables adventurers to serve humanity while having fun.

Volunteering abroad is an excellent way to give back to society while exploring new cultures, learning new languages and meeting new people. There are many volunteer opportunities abroad for individuals who have a passion for teaching, healthcare, environmental conservation or other humanitarian efforts.

One significant advantage of volunteering abroad is that it provides a unique opportunity to engage in immersive cultural experiences. By traveling to different countries as a volunteer, you gain familiarity with various cultures, customs, and languages, and you get to interact with locals in ways that are not always possible as a tourist.

Volunteering abroad is not only beneficial to the host community but also beneficial to the volunteers themselves. It helps develop their skills, enhances their resume, and provides them with an opportunity to learn about themselves, discover their passion and increase …


road trip tips is an exciting activity that you can do with friends who are also fun. Even so, it is also possible for you to do a road trip alone if you prefer solo traveling. The length of travel time can certainly make this road trip feel boring, for that you need to deal with the boredom as best as possible so that your holiday mood is not damaged due to boredom during the road trip. Well, to overcome this, here are roadtrip tips that you can do to get away from boredom

Take advantage of the time to sleep

The first roadtrip tip is to make good use of the time to rest or sleep. Especially if your destination is far enough away, of course, it will take a lot of time and can make you bored.

With a good night’s sleep or adequate rest you can eliminate boredom and can also keep your body fit during the trip. Don’t forget to also bring comfortable bedding, from socks, blankets to small pillows to make your sleep more comfortable.

Use comfortable clothes to road trip tips

The second roadtrip tip is still related to the first tip, which is …

Hidden Tourist Attractions in Southeast Asia that You Must Visit part 3

Inle Lake, Myanmar

This more than 13 mile long lake has a variety of attractions. Around the lake, you can take classes on local crafts that the locals offer on their boats.

You can also find floating land owned by local residents planted with vegetables. Not to mention the floating house which is the mainstay of local residents.

Ko Lanta, Thailand

Usually, tourists will visit big islands like Ko Tao or Ko Phangan. But, if you want to enjoy a different atmosphere, you need to visit Ko Lanta.

Still relatively quiet, this place offers serenity and a clean beach.

Cu Chi Tunnel in Saigon, Vietnam

The Vietnamese army used this tunnel as a hiding place during the Vietnam war. Here, soldiers kept their food reserves during the war.

Many Vietnamese soldiers who contracted malaria were also treated in this tunnel. A trip to this place is guaranteed to make your hair stand on end.

Chiang Dao, Thailand

Chiang Dao is a paradise for nature lovers. This place has waterfalls, hot springs, and high cliffs. But, the main attraction of this place is the Chiang Dao cave.

In this cave you can find more than 100 places that contain various worship …

Weird Facts About South Korea That Make You Stare

South Korea is not only charming because of the rows of romantic dramas and K-Pop that are interesting to watch, but also the culinary arts to the beautiful scenery! But do you know, it turns out that the people of South Korea also have customs, rules and traditions that are no less unique, you know, here are eight habits that you need to know.

South Korean women when sitting often bring a small blanket to put on her lap

Many Korean women have a habit of putting the blanket folded on their lap. This activity is also often done by K-pop stars, TV show guests, and including ordinary people. They don’t forget to take it with them when traveling to cafes, restaurants and other public places. Apparently there is a special reason why they do it to maintain and protect their personal space because the blanket is a symbol of modesty.

They have a habit of covering their mouths when laughing

As a child, girls are taught not to laugh too much to maintain the norm of decency. Because of that habit, if something happened and provoked laughter, they would look away or try to hide their laughter. Usually they …

The Oldest City in the World, From Jerusalem to Jericho

Since ancient times until now, the world has been made a comfortable place for human civilization. One of the strongest evidences related to human civilization is the existence of cities. In fact, there are many large cities that have existed since ancient times, long before the entry of the Christian era.

Well, this time, we will see some ancient cities that are still inhabited by humans. Some of them are also included as the oldest cities in the world, you know. What are the portraits like? How old is he? Instead of being curious, you can immediately listen to it.

  • Reported by History, the City of Jerusalem has existed since 3500 BC. That means, it’s already 5,500 years old
  • Sidon in Lebanon is one of the oldest cities in the world dating back to 3000 BC, quoted in the Britannica
  • Syria has Damascus as one of the oldest cities on Earth. According to UNESCO, this city dates back to 8000 BC
  • Almost the same age as Sidon, Reyy City in Iran has also been established since 3000 BC and is now one of the oldest cities in the world.
  • As the oldest country in the world, Egypt has an ancient

Recommended World Travel Destinations for New Year Celebration

Some people usually want to celebrate New Year’s Eve together with family, friends and lovers at tourist spots to make it more pleasing and at the same time to refresh themselves.

The world’s best tourist destinations are their main target, because there has its own beauty that other places do not have. This is what certainly makes many people interested in visiting it.

World Travel Destinations

Starting from tourist attractions in the form of highlands and even tourist areas with beautiful oceans you can find. Well, here are 5 world tourist destinations for the celebration of the new year:


The first world’s best destination that you can visit to celebrate the new year later is in Australia, precisely in Sydney. Do you know what makes the city of Sydney the best destination, this is because you can enjoy or feel the excitement of the new year before compared to other cities in the world.

This of course will be a very exciting and fun moment. You will be able to upload your new year’s photos earlier than others. You can also share New Year’s celebrations on your social media so that other people can see it. You can come …

Traveling Destinations with Couples Who Love Adventure

Adventure ideas for couples are not so hard to find if you are ready to go through it together and are looking for a vacation sensation that is certainly interesting and full of adrenaline. Even if you’re not used to extreme activities or exploring, sometimes you may want to try something you’ve never tried before or just want to face your fears.

Heli-Skiing in Utah

Heli-Skiing sounds just like the one in the James Bond movies. This is a ski activity on the slopes of a mountain that you can only reach by helicopter. This activity isn’t cheap, but if skiing is what you and your partner want to have a vacation in a challenging way, there are packages to be had, like the one in Utah. It usually covers the entire itinerary so you don’t have to worry about the details. You will literally be heading into uncharted ski territory on this trip.

Rock Jumping in Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken, a small town in the Swiss Alps located right between two lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, is basically a hub for people who want to do extreme sports. Although you can parachute and bungee jumping, this place is also …

9 Summer Holiday Concepts For Families: Hersheypark, San Diego, Bahamas, Dollywood, Vegas

With many COVID restrictions lifted, households are trying to find areas to travel this summer time. Listed here are a couple of family unit-friendly holiday concepts.

team of workers Video, usa these days

This yr, summer season will carry more than simply warmer temperatures our approach. It’s also arriving with a big boost in COVID-19 vaccinations and a loosening of pandemic-era shuttle restrictions. For households, that capability summer vacation ideas are lower back on the radar after a 12 months of COVID-19-safe family road trips, yard film nights and other staycation holidays

while the biggest bucket record household holiday ideas may need to stay on the returned burner for one more yr, americans are rightfully searching past our own backyards for summer time vacations this yr. And boy, have we earned it.

With security issues still strongly in mind, the ultimate summer season vacations of 2021 present a little whatever thing for all and sundry within the family – and every finances, too. From the great outdoors to the most suitable theme parks in america, here are this yr’s ultimate summer time vacation ideas for families:

► summer season fun: heat weather spurs searches for amusement parks, paddleboarding, July 4th …

Take Amazing Pictures With These Tips And Tricks

Photography is an intimidating subject for many people, but most people are uncertain if they can learn the proper techniques to produce good photos. These are some wonderful tips will put you on the fast track to better photography.

Snap your shots as quickly and instinctively. If you take too long, your subject could move, the lighting might change or something else may ruin the shot that you have worked so hard to frame.

You should always enjoy photography! Taking photographs should give you a sense of accomplishment, or perhaps just to snap a glimpse of everyday life.Have fun when taking the pictures and will will soon fall in love with photography.

Find the right subject that will create an interesting to photograph. You can have the very best equipment and be extremely talented, it doesn’t matter how talented you are or how good your gear is.

When you finally have a great shot in the viewfinder and are about to push that shutter, stop breathing for a moment and don’t move a muscle. Even minimal movement can destroy that perfect shot to be ruined.

Composition is an important skill you have to learn about and educate themselves on.Like any …